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I’ve added a couple of books to my shelf lately. 

Sabriel by Garth Nix is a great read for all of you fantasy/magic lovers!  I’ve never read a book like Sabriel before, so I thought I’d try something new.  It was hard to read at first because Nix was using language I wasn’t previously acquainted with, such as “charter magic,” “charter marks,” and so on.  To avoid crazy frustration, I went to Garth Nix’s website and found out the definitions to his lingo.  Problem solved, book much more enjoyable 🙂  It’s a series that I plan on continuing to read.  Sabriel has to find her missing father as she battles the roaming dead spirits causing obstacles.  Trust me, it’s a cool read.

Have any of you seen Stardust?  It’s a pretty good movie about a guy searching for a fallen star in a magical world.  I decided to read the book; it’s by Neil Gaiman.  The book is almost completely different from the movie.  More than anything else it’s just fun to read.  The book would be even better if it came with pictures, to be honest.

Next book is Boy Toy by Barry Lyga.  It’s about a 12-year-old boy that was molested by his history teacher.  It’s disturbing at times, but worth reading.  If this had ever happened to a student (hopefully not), it’s good for him/her to know that he/she is not alone.  If you feel mature enough, then you should read this. 

I’m reading Impulse right now.  If you’ve read it, we should talk about it once I finish.  It’s difficult to put down!


  1. Taryn. :) says:

    You should read Stuff White People Like by Christian Lander. It’s hilarious. 🙂

    • msnewtonsenglishblog says:

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll look it up 🙂

      How is everything going? Have you been enjoying college so far?

  2. Camryn Owens says:

    Thirteen Reasons Why
    By: Jay Asher

    Maybe you have read my other reveiw. About Stardust? Well, I think this book was way better! This was the kind of book that if I had to stop reading to go to bed, I had to end at the end of the chapter. The story is about a girl named Hanna Baker, and her suicide. She made cassete tapes and sent them back to the first person on the list that made her life miserable and if he didn’t listen to them, the tapes would just keep coming. After each person listened to them they had to send them to the next person on the list. On the tapes she said what each person did to her. One person named Clay Jenson just didn’t belong on that list. But Hanna, Clay’s crush, for some reason put him on that list. Now Clay feels guilty and must listen to Hanna Baker explain to him and twelve other people why she killed herself. Find out if he can handle hearing the things that other people did to his highschool crush to make her kill herself. All you have to do is open the book, and you wont be able to put it down!

  3. Hey uhm I was just wondering if it would be alright if I printed out a new copy of the Hiroshima paper ??? because i think it got thrown away somehow. I can’t find it in my room. But yeah I made a twitter page and everyhting just to find out I could just simply comment you hahaha. okay ill check this tonight or if you sent something on my page (: byyyyeee

  4. Cortney Lewis says:

    I would like to read boy toy, I think it sounds really good. I have never read anything like this book, so I am interested in reading it.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      It’s an excellent book, but it’s really disturbing too. As a teacher, it upset me more than it will probably upset students.

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