Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult

Many of my friends have been telling me about what a great author Jodi Picoult is.  I read The Tenth Circle, but I wasn’t overly thrilled with it.  It was better than the Lifetime movie though!  Anyway, my friend told me about how she couldn’t put down Plain Truth.  I decided to give it a try.  My friend was right about not being able to put it down.  Instead of grading my large pile of papers this past Sunday, I sat on the couch and read the entire book!  Picoult includes so much detail that I felt like I was there with Ellie and Katie. 

Ellie is a burnt-out attorney that has gone to the country of Pennsylvania to get away for a while.  She is staying with an aunt that was once Amish.  While she’s there, her aunt finds out that her Amish niece, Katie,  has been charged with murdering her newborn.  Ellie is now put in the place to help  defend Katie and find out the truth, as well as learn the Amish way of life.  

Now…  What have YOU been reading?  Leave a comment with a summary of the book you read.  DO NOT GIVE AWAY THE ENDING!  I will not give you any credit if you do.  Also, let us know who you think would want to read the book you are talking about, and let us know what you think of it.


  1. Chelby Beardslee says:

    I really enjoyed reading the book The 5 People You Meet in Heaven, beacuse it is a book that makes you wonder what happens after you die. The whole time I was reading the book it kept me intrested to wear I didnt want to put the book down. This story is about a man named Eddie who has worked at Ruby Pier, an amusment park is whole life. Eddie dies on his birthday at the amusment park as an old man. There is a bad accident and a ride breaks and falls on him, and he dies instantly. When Eddie wakes up he is in heaven, but its not his own heaven yet. He has to meet 5 people who each have something to teach him. After meeting 5 people Eddie moves on to his heaven and goes on having the happiest time of his life. I would recommend this book to anyone who has an good imagination and likes to believe and wonder what happens when things like this go on.

    • msnewtonsenglishblog says:

      Besides some proofreading issues, you did a good job, Chelby! I’ll have you present this sometime during the week. I’ve never ready this book, but I’d like to 🙂

  2. Camryn Owens says:


    by:Neil Gaiman

    Do you like adventure? Are you into the kind of books that are real page trners, and you just can’t seem to pu it down? Well, Stardust is for you. It is about a boy named Tritran who is in love with a girl named Victoria, and the tale of how he chased down a falling star for his true love for her hand in marrage. I thaught it was full of twists and turns the whole way through. It’s also full of passion, love, and lust. This book will keep you guessing until the very end. If you want to find out what happens, just read the first page, and you wont be able to stop. Find out if he can find his way home. Will his true love be able to wait for him? To find out, yo;u know what you have to do.

  3. alex howard says:


    by: James Paterson

    MAX is an amazing book, as is the entire series. This book is #5 in the series. Its a great adventure book about a group of kids that escaped from a science lab years ago. The lab that they escaped from has containe them since they were born, their parents offered them for experiments. And they wwere mixed with avian (bird) DNA. Now they are working with a group of scientist to help them promote the idea of Global Warning.

    This is just one of the series that i cant puit down, and once you start it I doubt you will either.(book 1 is called the angel experiment)

  4. alex howard says:

    The Last Olympian

    By: Rick Riordan

    This book is just crazy. If you like a book with adventure and Greek mythology then you should definatly read it. It is book #5 in its series. Its about a 15 nearly 16 year old kid. He is a demigod (a child with a mortal and immortal parent) his father is poseiden, the sea god. And is attending a summer camp called camp Half-Blood. Its a place for demigods to come and learn to control the abilities, find out who their immortal parent is, and go on quest to become a Hero. In this book he is sent on a dangerous quest to stop the Titan king, Kronos. Years ago their was a oracle that gave a prophecy about a demigod that would make a decision that would destroy the world, or help it on his/her 16th birthday. And with Percy being such a strong demigod he has been getting alot of pressure about what will happen in 2 weeks about what will happen on his 16th birthday. Will he destroy Mount Olympus and the world or destroy it?

  5. alex howard says:


    By: Anthony Horowitz

    This book is #7 in the Alex Rider series. Its adenture book about a British spy agency that gets the idea to have a teenager work for them. Alex Rider has gone on 6 missions prior to this one, hes worked for M16-British agency, CIA, and Australlia. Alex doesnt like being a spy, he only does it because he is forced to most of the time. When he is in australlia he is given a opportunity he cant turn down. When they give his newest mission his partener will be his Godfather. This is a big deal to him because when he was only 3 months old both of his parents were killed. So when he found that he was going to be working with his Godsfather he thought this could be his last chance to find out about his parents. If you didnt know anything about your parents what would you do? Read the book anbd find out if his decision was right, and if it was, was it worth it for him?

    The first book in the series is Stormbreaker

  6. Camryn Owens says:

    Right Behnd You.

    By: Gail Giles

    I read this book suggested by Ms.Newton. A little piece of advice… always take the suggestions she gives you! She has suggested to me Stardust, Thirteen Reasons Why, and Right Behind You. This book was great! It’s about a boy named Kip, who killed another boy named Bobby. Kip was nine… Bobby was seven. Kip lit Bobby on fire, and he died three days later. Now Kip must change his name and leave the state for his dad’s sake. But his past keeps catching up with him.Will Kip (Wade) ever be able to live a normal life again? Will he ever be able to have true friends and companions that will stick around even after they know what he’s done? Will his dad ever be able to forgive him for what he’s done to him, and himself? I could not put this book down! I believe too, if you start… you won’t be able to either.

  7. Caitlyn Gairhan says:

    The Lovely Bones

    By; Alice Sebold

    I am currently reading The Lovely Bones. Here you are introduced to the main character, Susie Salmon. One day on her way home from school she gets stopped by a man who lives in her neighborhood, and he asks her to come with him so he can show her the “fort” type deal he made. Susie trying to be nice, follows him to the cornfield and goes into his underground fort. The neighbor, Mr.Harvey from then holds Susie down and rapes her.. after this he kills her, cutting her into little pieces.
    The story takes place in Susie’s “heaven” an in-between where she can not move on because she has yet to accept the fact she is dead. Here, she watches her family grieve her death and desperately wants her dad to figure out it was the neighbor who killed her.

    — its defintley an great book to read 🙂 even though i am not done yet, i love it and its one of my favorite books!
    +plus, the movie comes out tonight!!!

  8. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    First off I loved “The Tenth Circle”, the book was way better than the movie. I have also been reading “Vegan Virgin Valentine”, by Carolyn Mackler. This book is about a Senior, Mara Valentine, at SUNY Brockport who is in the race for valevictorian with her ex-boyfriend, Travis and also, is a vegan. Mara thinks she has everything planned out, going to John Hopkins over the summner, then off to Yale. She gets an unexpected suprise when her slutty, pot-smoking, sixteen-year-old neice (yes neice!) comes to live with them. She also didn’t expect to fall in love with her boss at the local coffee shop or to dream about grilled cheese every night! I don’t recommend this book to any boys I just don’t think they would think it was as interesting as it would be to girls. I love it so far and I plan to read more of Carolyn Mackler’s books.

  9. Janae Mahoney says:

    My Sister’s Keeper

    By Jodi Picoult

    I am reading the book My Sister’s Keeper which is also written by Jodi Picoult. I am a fan of Jodi as well and think she is a good author. This book is about a girl who’s life has been changed because of her sister being sick. She is treated different by her parents and she was born for one reason and that was to be a donor for her sister. This is a good book but it is very sad. This book is another one that you just cant put down.

  10. Ammanda Centilli says:

    I am currently reading Crank by Ellen Hopkins. It is about high schooler, fine-tuned, straight A, Kristina. On a court-ordered visit to see her dad, she gets introduced to life on “the wrong side of the tracks”. She quickly falls in love for the first time with a bad boy. He saves her from rape, but introduces her to “crank” (aka crystal meth). With her fathers blessing she continues to use it the remainder of her trip, and when she returnes home. The story it about her downward spiral into drug addiction. As life goes from perfect, to bad, to worse, she looses herself to her bad girl alter-ego “Bree”.

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