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Stephenie Meyer began writing Midnight Sun when she finished writing Breaking Dawn.  Unfortunately, her early draft was posted on the Internet, so she has put this project on hold.  (Midnight Sun is Twilight from Edward’s perspective.)  Think about the book(s) you’re currently reading or that you have read in the past.  What character deserves his/her own book?  Or, what book would you like to read from a different character’s point of view?


  1. Alex Swanson says:

    Im so mad about that!!! i was really excited to read about edwards point of view. I would also really like to see it from jacobs. i know that part of breaking dawn was like that, and i really loved it.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I hope she still writes it after all. And good job being the first to leave your two comments! 🙂 I hope you still check this from time to time during break.

  2. Alex Swanson says:

    I haven’t really read a good book yet that i would care to hear from a different character.

  3. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    I was really upset when I found out that she stopped writing Midnight Sun. I know there is a way to read it onlline but I haven’t figured it out. If anyone knows please tell me! But, a book I’ve read that I would like to hear in another characters perspective would be Vegan Virgin Valentine. The whole book is Mara’s view and her neice, V is going through a really rough time in her life and I would just really like to see what V had to say for herself.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      If you go to Stephenie Meyer’s website she has a copy Midnight Sun there. Also, maybe you should e-mail Carolyn Mackler and tell her she should write a version from V’s point of view 🙂

      • Mercedes Kaiser says:

        I have been looking all break for books on body issues I know one book I am reading for sure is “Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes” by Chris Crutcher but I have forgotten what websites I can look at to find themes on body issues…..

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          Go to readingrants.org It has a list of different categories on the right side of the page. I’m pretty sure there are books about body issues. I’ll try and think of some that you might want to read. A book I haven’t read, but that is sticking out in my mind is Skinny. I have to look up the author. I’m pretty sure the cover has a green popsicle on it or something. Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson would be good too.

          • Mercedes Kaiser says:

            Someone told me that I wouldn’t like Wintergils so I am kind of hesitant reading it I have already read two books that I am not even using lol but have you heard of slot machine by Chris Lynch? That was another book I looked up…

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          I can understand why some people don’t like Wintergirls; it’s very isolated, but the main character is isolated in her anorexia. I think it’s worth trying. If you don’t like it, that’s okay! I haven’t heard of Slot Machine, but I just looked it up and it sounds interesting. Are you focusing mostly on books that deal with weight issues?

          • Mercedes Kaiser says:

            uhmmm I already posted the books I looked up last niight to you lol but I think I am going to stick with just weight issues it seems is that alright?

          • Mrs. Andersen says:

            Also! I just found a couple books my friend read– Big Fat Manifesto by Susan Vaught and Gym Candy by Carl Deuker.

  4. Tiffanny Arnot says:

    I havent really read any books lately that I would like to read another characters point of view. Although the book I’m reading now Just Listen might be interesting from Owen’s perspective, the aspects of his life that Sarah Dessen does show makes it seem like he has a pretty interesting story.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I remember thinking the same thing when I read that book. How do you like it so far?

      • Tiffanny Arnot says:

        I finished it last night. I love the book, I like how you had to wait to find out what happened the previous year and how she kept hinting at it but never went into detail until the end.

  5. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    Thank You, I will read some reviews on both of those books and get back with you tomorrow!

  6. WHAT THE FRUIT CAKE!!! I was so pumped to read that, that is so lame, not really I haven’t read any of those books, but I would like to.

  7. Emily Birmingham says:

    I haven’t really read any books that i would want to hear from another character’s perspective but i am reading the lovely bones which is amazing. This book is creepy but at the same time it makes you think about what really goes on in the world.

  8. Rachel Edrington says:

    Joe’s comments are always funny lol. But this post was good, I liked it a lot because it made me think about it and there are a lot of good books that I would love to read in a different perspective. Thinking about this I came up with some diddly squat ideas but.. I think that the Harry Potter series would be a good one, also Breathing Underwater which we read in class. But I think it would be really interesting to read the book you recomended me Weetzie Bat in one of the guys characters perspectives, because I really don’t have any idea what the book is even about and maybe he could solve up some of those ideas, even though the writer would still be the same but who knows:)

  9. Rachel Edrington says:

    To Tiffanys comment, Just Listen is such a good book. I really enjoyed that one, and it would be good to read it from Owens point of view.

  10. Stacey VanFleet says:

    After reading the Twilight series i was very excited to read a book in Edward’s view and was very disappointed to hear that she had put it on hold. It would have been great to know his opinion of everything that occured. The book that we had just recently read in class, Breathing Underwater, would be a great book to have another in Caitlin’s point of view. It would have been nice to understand who perspective of things and why she would have been in such a situation.

  11. Eric "Spiderman" Davis says:

    Yea Rachel had a good idea. I’d read HP from Ron’s perspective

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