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I e-mailed Laurie Halse Anderson’s assistant about setting up a Skype “visit” at school.  I received a response stating that she is available for Skype visits during the month of February with a fee of $300.  I’m not sure how to raise the money or how I’ll set it up, but I’m definitely working on it.  I just e-mailed Mr. Darga to see if he has any information on this.  Do any of you have any thoughts/suggestions?  Also, I don’t know how many of you have read one of her books, but it will certainly make a visit more interesting if you have (hint hint).

UPDATE:  I spoke with Mr. Smith after school, and he said that if my Young Adult Lit. class can raise $150 for the visit, he will cover the other $150!


  1. Jessica Rodgerson says:

    I think we should maybe do what we were talking about in class, like have everyone bring in 5 dollars. Or maybe just get everyone in the school who likes reading her books to donate some money if possible.

  2. Emily Birmingham says:

    I think we should definitly do what we talked about in class how we all donate money. I dont think that we should have everyone in the school come though because it would just be too crowded and everyone wouldnt get a chance to talk to her, which we all should. We should all write down questions and atleast read one of her books too.

  3. Stacey VanFleet says:

    The idea of bringing in five dollars seems to be the best. As emily said there really isnt that much room for the whole school but I think we should still allow some other students than those just in our class. I know of a few other students who would truly enjoy this and are not enrolled in Young Adult Literature.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I’m going to speak with Mr. Smith about how many students should be allowed to participate. I know some of my freshmen will want to because I’m reading Speak to them right now. Stacey, will you let me know sometime this week which students you’re talking about?

  4. cortney lewis says:

    I am really excited about this and i would be willing to pay for her to come. I have read a few of her books and i really like her as an author it would be wonderful to be able to talk to her.

  5. Caitlyn Gairhan says:

    I just started reading her book Speak and i love it. I would really enjoy it if she came, i would defintley have some questions to ask her.
    I also believe that the best idea would be for the 5$ and have a few others join the class, who would like too.

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