Why do you think books like Twilight, Hush Hush, Shiver, etc. are so popular among teenage girls (even adult women)?  All of these novels portray relationships with young women and some sort of, generally, violent monster (vampire, fallen angel, werewolf).  Do young men read these novels as well?  What draws their attention?


  1. Alex Swanson says:

    Im not really sure why teenage girls like vampire books so much. Its probably the danger and fear on it that they wouldn’t get in real life. I really don’t know why guys would like these books, at all.

  2. Cortney Lewis says:

    I think these books are more romantic than romance books between two humans. Its like the relationship is more fun with a “monster” because there is danger. It is true love when a relationship lasts through all the danger as in twilight, and it is a really good romance book because of this. I don’t think guys like these books. Its like a chick flick, guys just don’t like them.

  3. Sarah Ashley says:

    I think that girls love these books because it deals with something that they want. The danger of loving a monster like a vampire is really appealing to girls. It is something that they can’t have. I also think because it is the romance that goes along with story. Girls would love to be swept off their feet by this dangerous and romantic creature. In reality you can’t fall in love with something so dangerous and romantic, it makes up for what is not real.

  4. 1.)I’m not a girl so I don’t know why they read them.
    2.)I have talked to guys who have read Twilight and they said they liked it. I’m reading Twilight right now and I really don’t know why, I figured I’d give it a try.

  5. Tyler Richards says:

    I think the reason Twilight , and other similar books are so popular amongst teenage girls , is because it portrays a fantasy in some sort? These books are rebellious , and romantic at the same time & you can’t help but get hooked into reading all of them . As of guys reading these novels , I’m not really sure what to think about that . I think the only reason they would read them would be because they’re curious .

  6. Hayden Garfield says:

    I think many women read these books because it combines romance with a sense of danger. It may be a fantasy for young women… love, adventure. I think there is also some rebellion in the book because being in love with a vampire isn’t necessarily socially accepted.

  7. Hanna Gross says:

    First off I ABSOLUTELY HATE TWILIGHT!!!!! I’ve never read Hush Hush but I heard it’s a really good book and the same for Shiver. Some young men read these books but not as many as women. I think that guys read the novels just because girls talk about them so if they read them then they will have something to talk about with them and then the girls might like them.

  8. Caitlyn Gairhan says:

    I think that boys know about these novels with the help of girls. When something like Twilight comes along, almost every girl knows about it and talks about it. Thus, giving the knowledge to boys.
    I do think that some boys did read the books, but not as much as the ones that learned about its abouts from girls.

  9. Deanna Gray says:

    I think young girls like about it so much because everyone is talking about it so they want to see what everyone is talking about. I would never have read it if i didnt see so many other girls my age reading it and talking about how good they were. I think the guys watch the movies that go with the books more then they would sit down and actually read it.

  10. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    I think that young girls even adult women like to read Hush Hush and Twilight books because they like to put themselves in the book. We all want a man who is going to protect us and is a mystery, its sexy. I think men go and see the movies, not necessarily read the books because, we girls drool over Edward and they want to know why.

  11. Stacey VanFleet says:

    I believe that books like Hush Hush and Twilight are so popular because they are fantasy books. Every young girl or eve older women want a man that is dangerous and mysterious but also one that is loving and protectful. I have not read Hush Hush but for Twilight I know that Edward is the imaginary man every women wishes to have, which makes this book so unforgetable and lovable. I don’t really know exactly why guys like these books but I do have one opinon on that. I believe that maybe they read them so they have something to talk about with the girls b/c every girl in the world reads Twilight. They may even also want to learn what girls like and so them reading this book is kind of like studying for them.

  12. Tiffanny Arnot says:

    I think that teenage girls and women like books like Twilight and Hush Hush so much because they are about fantasy relationships. All women want a man who is dangerous and mysterious while still loving and compassionate towards you. I have not read Hush Hush but from reading Twilight, women are drawn to it because the guys in the book are so mysterious. Young men do read these books as well; however they read them for different reasons. I think that guys read them because so many girls read them and talk about them all the time, so if they read them, they will have something in common with the girls to talk about. Another reason they might read them is because they know that they are going to be dragged to the movie and want to read the books before they see the movies.

  13. Corey Borowski says:

    I think that many young women read these types of books because they are drawn towards the relationship and romance of the books. I think that throwing the monsters into the picture just makes it more interesting for people reading the books. This may also be a way for the author to attract more readers, such as guys, so that they book is not completely boring to those who do not like the romance scene. Action and suspense will always make a book better. For girls, these types of books make them wonder what it would be like to fall in love with a monster and guys wish they were the monsters.

  14. I think girls and adult women like twilight and hush hush because girls are sappy and like love novels. When I read twilight I liked Jacob NOT AT ALL Edward. Personally I think Edward is way too corny. Also women liked twilight more I think because of the movie seeing the characters (not bella i’m sure haha.)
    I think guys like twilight and hush hush books because they might relate to it in a sense..? I don’t necesarily think guys have to be all manly and have such high expectations of themselves to not be able to read girly books.

  15. Erin Bradley says:

    I think young women read these books and really enjoy them because I feel that women are attracted to what you can call monsters. Take a vampire. They can kill you at any moment, they are mysterious, they’re dangerous, and as a non-vampire, you can’t really have them. So obviously we want them. Everyone wants what is bad for them and what they can’t have. It’s just natural. So when young women read it, they fall in love the idea of being with someone you shouldn’t be with or be able to have. I do know guys who have read it, and most of them read it because their girlfriends did, and they suggested it. Or they decided to see what all the fuss was about. I don’t know too many guys who read any of those books and liked them the way girls tend to, but I know a few who enjoyed them.

  16. Ammanda Centilli says:

    I think that alot of girls enjoy any kind of love story. Just tales of great love in general attract alot of females. I dont think men would be as interested in Twilight Series, but I do know of some males who read it. It does contain some action/killing, but the general theme of the books is one big love story. It also dosent hurt that the boys are so cute!

  17. Caroline Hardin says:

    I think that these books are popular amoung teenage girls because they both portray a love story, which girls seem to love, and the “perfect” guy. No matter what, the main character gets the guy, through all the issues that come up. He also just so happens to be perfect looking in every way, and when you are reading a book, you can picture them just how yoyr “perfect guy” is.

  18. Simone Orcutt says:

    Well first I want to say that I love Twilight. And I loved it before the movie. I read the book when it first came out years ago. I hate all the people who are addicted to it only because of the movie. Not to mention I loved vampire stories long before Twilight. I loved Hush Hush too. I thought it was really good. As so was Shiver. I love the concepts of the stories. They all have deeper meanings then just what girls think they do. Its not just hot vampires and clumsy girls. People need to look beyond Robert Pattinson.

  19. Deanna Gray says:

    I think other girls read the books because everyone else was and saying how much they liked them so they wanted to see what they were all about too. I know i probably would of never read twilight if i didnt see so many other girls my age reading it. I think the guys would watch the movies that go along with the books more then they would actually sit down and read the books.

  20. I think that young women enjoy reading these because it’s a new type of romance. Not just girl likes a bad guy, but girl likes a bad guy who happens to be a mythical creature determined to destroy or save the world.
    Personally twilight is not my favorite book to read but the one about the fallen angel made me curious sounds like “City Of Bones.”

  21. Huh, I would say the danger may be exciting. The vampires, werewolves, fallen angels, et cetera could represent something forbidden, something… well, dangerous that someone wouldn’t, or is unable to, be with. I think it could be the good-girl-after-bad-boy thing. I dunno….
    I’ve read the Twilight novels “before they were cool” but after my friend told me about them. I wasn’t in it for the romance as much as the fantasy… I am quite fond of the more mystical/scifi/magical/fantasy/etc kinds of books.

  22. Janae Mahoney says:

    Well since I have never read these books I’m going to just assume that girls like reading this book because it’s a fantasy. Most girls are drawn to these types of books because they love to picture themselves in that story. I think there are a lot more girls that read these books because its girls that like the fantasy love stories. I do believe there are a number of guys who also enjoy reading these sorts of books. I think the guys just like the entertainment of the vampires etc. as to not so much the fantasy or love story.

  23. Nicole Westfall says:

    I think that girls like the romantic, far out of reach ideas. We know that vampires don’t exist and we know that something like this would never happen, but we like the thrill of the idea. A lot of girls might like this book, because they like edgy guys or adventure. With a so called “monster”, you will definitely have adventure. There is also a lot of romance involved. These books keep you wanting to read more and to never end. This is what captures the readers attention. Especially when they make movies with guys who are very attractive. I think that yes, some guys do enjoy these books, while others tend to stay away from them. Most guys just get frustrated when they find their girlfriend or friends drooling over the characters. That gets annoying.

  24. Eric Paul says:

    Vampires are cool and mysterious, as well as other violent mythical creatures. I personally think werewolves dominate vampires though. Maybe this is why girls like them? But I honestly do not know. I don’t know of many guys at all that read these. It’s like reading a chick flick. Only Hatfield reads Twilight

  25. Rachel Edrington says:

    I think that a lot of girls really like these kinds of books because the male character is dangerous and i guess you could say that danger is something that attracts you to read it more. Also Stephenie Meyer is a great author so that is another reason not just because of what the book is about. Guys probably think that books like that are dumb and if they get caught reading them people will think they are strange for reading them.

  26. Courtney Bennett says:

    I think these are appealing to women, of all ages because it turns out to be somewhat of a fantasy. We tend to fantasize about the whole “prince charming” thing, and over time, our opinions and how we want that certain guy to look has changed. Dark, mysterious, and even dangerous guys have become more popular among todays females. The reason why they use younger female characters in these books could be because obviously we (teenage girls) can relate to thier feelings, and usually guys in general can be a big part for a younger girl. For older women maybe they like to think back to the times when they were younger and could still flirt with the ideas of dating different guys and not being married or tied down to one.

  27. Ellie Ratza says:

    People generally spend alot of time on “What if?” questions and i think that has alot to do with why fiction is so popular. People like to fantasize. Females specifically. It isabout the danger but its also about taming something wild. Women like to believe they can change any guy. so, if a guy is a vampire in a book about a girl who changes his “vicious” ways is somehow appealing to some people.

  28. Victoria Bechtel says:

    I think that people enjoy the suspence those book come with. I know for a fact that not a lot of guys will read Twilight, and I know that some do. I’ve never read those other books like Hush Hush and Shiver so I don’t exactly what there about to say who reads them.

  29. Alyssa McPeek says:

    I think that girls are more attracted to reading Twilight and fantasy books like this because it is full of drama and love problems. Everybody knows that in high school there is drama and teens with relationship problmes. I think guys dint want to read this kind of stuff becasue to tell you the truth guys real don’t care about the girls drama in high school. They hate it and think its annyoing. It is hard enough to get your boyfriend to go to the movies to see a chick flick, let alone read a book about falling in love with vampires. Even though I dont like drama in school I have some everyone does. But I would like to read the Twilght books I havent yet.

  30. Zach "Big Sexy" Hatfield says:

    I feel that Pointdexters psychology class is a prime example of why people like these books. “The will to believe”. We as humans want to believe that this exists and by readin it we want our own “Edward Cullen” or “Jacob Black” or “Bella Swan”. Reading Twilight makes you want it to be real and you want to experience it. Like Eric said I am one of thee only guys that read all the books…….twice lol. But, from a mans point of view i like them because i put myself in the situations and see if i would react the same way. They are great romance novels but also looking past the romantic parts the plot is amazing and exciting!!!!!

  31. Ashton Huntoooooooon says:

    Well, i think that young guys read these books just as much as girls do. Though most dont want to admit it, guys want a perfect love stories too. they dream of finding that perfect girl and falling in love. These are facts, ive asked some guys about it. (wont mention names lol) There is so much drama in everyday life and highschool, so reading love stories might be a way to escape reality and even reflect on your own life. That is just what i think about it 🙂

  32. Jason Laube says:

    Alright, I have read all of the Twilight books. Twice…and like Joey Pazz I honestly dont know why I did. They were just books that were really well written. I have no idea why younge women read them. But just because there is a wierd romance going on in the novel doesnt mean that guys cant read them too… i think.

  33. Marissa Engelhart says:

    I think that people like these books because they can fit into the main character as bella (having a normal life) and they wish that someone like Edward could change their life and be such a gentleman. The violent part of the books just make the plot more interesting and pulls the attention from all types of readers.

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