The YA Genre

I found this article over the weekend:

Read it and tell me what you think.  Is the YA genre worthwhile?  Should it be taught in schools more often?  What about the name (Young Adult)?


  1. Cortney Lewis says:

    Young adult to me is what teens want to read. Teens want books that interested them, and that have to do with real issues they are dealing with. I think it should be taught more in school because it would get kids interested in reading. In school the first books kids are ever assigned to read are really boring, so it attomatically pushes them away from reading.

  2. Simone Orcutt says:

    I think that the YA genre is definitely worthwhile. I think that it should be taught more in high schools because the types of book in the YA genre are the types we as teenagers can connect to. If we read about a 30 year old women getting raped its less of an impact on us then if it was a 15 year old girl.

  3. Alex Swanson says:

    I think that YAL worthwhile. It deals with teen dramas and conflicts. Teens like to read about issue that are similar to their own, it gives them a sense of comfort. This is my favorite class and i think that other schools should include it also. I also like that its called young adult so it clearly different from the adult and the children sections. It also sounds alot more interest then the “teens” section.

  4. Sarah Ashley says:

    I think that young adult literature is worth while becasue it gives teen their own section of books. If there was no ya then where would we get our books from…the adult section. Have of those books are boring for teens. I think that it should be taught in school, it might spark more kids to read if they are introduced to books that appeal to them. It should be taught becasue it deals with situations that we find ourselves in.

  5. Ellie Ratza says:

    I definitely think the Y.A. genre is worth it. I can’t help but think of how hard it would be to find teen books in a library or books store if they didn’t have a seperate section for it. There is a noticable diference between Y.A. books and children or adult books, therefore, it should remain a genre all it’s own. I don’t see why it is so controversial in the first place.

  6. Hayden Garfield says:

    I think the YA is a worthwhile and healthy genre for highschool teenagers. Reading is beneficial to highschoolers who are planning to attend college. It boosts vocabulary and inspires the creative mind. Many students neglect reading because they think it’s boring or forced upon them by teachers. But, YA introduces books that can relate to the typical teenager. I think the genre should be taught in schools because it may spark an interest for reading in kids who may normally turn away from books.

  7. Caitlyn Gairhan says:

    In my personal opinion, teens would rather read a book that is aimed to target their age group _rather than a book that isnt. Teens can often relate to the “voice” of the book. So I think that YAL books should be taught more in schools.

  8. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    I feel that the name “Young Adult” targets teens to read them more. Teens want a book that deals with real issues, things they might be going through. We want fantasy, romance, things we can only dream about. I think Young Adult books should be taught more in school because it get kids more interested in reading. Who really wants to read “The Great Gatsby”? No one! So, when we get handed books in class we never want to read them because they are boring. That definately makes me want to never read again!

  9. Corey Borowski says:

    I do think that the young adult literature genre is worthwhile. I also think that it should be taught more in public schools. Just the name makes it seem more attracting to teenagers in general. I personally feel that because of the name I have read more books, becuase if those same books would have been classified under adult literarure or children, I would have been less likely to pick them up in the first place. Having a separate category is a good idea not only for the reason of attracting more teenagers to read books, but also because it gives author a better sense of their style. Judging some of the books that have been classified as YA is just stupid because the book could actually be very good. I know that I have in the past thought that a book would not be good becuase of the cover, but it turns out that it was very good.

  10. Jessica Rodgerson says:

    I believe YA is completely worthwhile. Its important for teens to read books pointed to their age group. I think schools shold have all types of books, even banned ones. People have the right to read what they choose. If a parent or teacher doesnt want a teen/child to read that book then they should make it clear to them. Most of the banned books I’ve read are some of the best.

  11. Ammanda Centilli says:

    The Genres name “Young Adult” is fitting because the main characters ages range from about 12 to 18. Because of this they are popular with teenagers, but can be read by anyone. I would say that they are most enjoyable by teenagers because the stories and situations that take place in these novels are real and relatable. I think they should be used in schools because it is more interesting to the students than a history textbook. The genre itsself, is worthwhile. It is personally my favorite kind of books, and I know they are popular with alot of people my age.

  12. Abby Bogie says:

    It offends me that people actually believe Young Adult Literature can be for only children (definetly not the books we read).
    That Young Adult Literature books are not serious enough when in every book I have read I’ve found that every book has a meaning to it and gives you an outlook on how the book sees things and what it wants you to see
    I think Adult Literature Books should be read by teens because you can connect the book with real life situations. Also I think if people started reading more people would be able to express what they’re feelings are.

  13. Alyssa McPeek says:

    Yes I think YA genre is worht while. Some of the books/novels that are written can actually happen in real life. LIke some ones with teen violence and stuff like that. But I personaly think that YA still infact be allowed to be read and taught in schools. If you are in a english class and you have to read a novel, it will be more interesting for students to read about a charater that is more around their age and have similar problems that could happen to anyone in school. Its boring for someone to read about a person at the age of 40 then someone the age of 16 or 17 cause YA ages vary. This is just my thought on what books I liked reading for school. Top Kill a Mockng BIrd I like cause the charatcters were more my age. But The Great Gatsby took me for ever to read. I think it just depends on the schools. But I personally think YA genre is important ans should be kept.

  14. Caroline Hardin says:

    To me the difference between a Young adult book and a childrens books would be that a young adult book is a novel, and childrens books seem to limit themselves to less than 40 pages. The difference between an “adult” book and a “young adult” book is the age of the characters. In my opinion a young adult book focuses on teenagers and not on adults of all ages.

  15. Hmmm… especially after taking this class, I would say that genre stigma is kinda dumb. Why not give a book a try, and who cares if it is fantasy/thriller/scifi/what-have-you? I used to have a stigma against a lot of the books labeled YA Novels, mostly because I thought the majority of them were the same/very similar. Now, however, I go out of my way in bookstores to see if there are any new books that seem appealing.
    I definitely think that more schools should have YA Lit classes!!!! They’ve grown on me and have broadened my interest in books by an entire genre. As for the name, “YA Lit/YA Novels,” I kinda like it. But I don’t really care for what it is called, as long as the name doesn’t change the books too much.

  16. Rachel Edrington says:

    The YA genre is a series for someone in their teens or older. I think that it is geared more towards that age group so you are more apt to read it. YA books should be read in schools yes, but only at the levels they are needed to be read at. They are deffinatley worthwhile to read. The title Young Adult does fit with it but i think something idk maybe less formal.

  17. Deanna Gray says:

    I think the YA genre is very worthwhile. These are my favorite books to read because it has to do with things around my age. There about things that kids my age like to read about, want to read about, and are even going through. I know i can relate to alot of YA books in one way or another and thats why i enjoy reading them so much. I think YA books should be taught in school more often so that alone. Kids would be more interested in the books and would have more motivation to read them, i think.

  18. Janae Mahoney says:

    I think that YAL is good and should be taught more in public schools. I think that if the required books in high school were YA there would be alot more kids interested in reading. YA books are awesome because its what teens relate to and what high schoolers are going through and it makes it more interesting. I think they are very worth while.

  19. Emily Birmingham says:

    I really don’t understand how critics can say that Young Adult Liturature is for children. The books we read in class and the ones I have read on my own, I wouldn’t want an 8th grader reading let alone someone younger. Also I can’t believe they would say these authors are less serious or amateur writers that is so not true. Just because these anuthors like to connect better with teens through their writing and focus it more towards us doesn’t mean that or that we are the only ones who can read their books. Books don’t have an age limit, now there is some books that children should not read but to say that adults couldn’t read the books I have read would be just dumb. The books in the YA collection aren’t mean’t to offend people or be judged even they are mean’t to open peoples eyes to what really in going on. These books are based on real things that teens actually go through somewhere in the world. I love the YA books that I’ve read and I want to continue reading them.

  20. Stacey VanFleet says:

    After reading the first paragraph of this article, I became very irritated. I feel that Young Adult Literature books are very good for society. Theyy keep teens entertained and still learn life lessons by reading them. Instead of some books like Huckleberry Finn, and The Scarlett Letter, who are assigned in everyday english classes, modern young adult literature books keep you interested and allows teens to want to read. No one should ever say that these books are for children only, somewhat simplistic, less than literary or even not serious enough for use in schools. Obviously these books are serious and discuss difficult issues teens go through if people are trying to ban them. This whole article about how YA is not worthwhile is just a joke. They should defently be distributed in the classrooms and read more frequently throughout teens highschools years. If books about adultrey are allowed in AP English classes, why is it such a bad thing for books to be read about girls who have emotional issues such as in Looking for Alaska. I believe that YA books are needed to be pushed more in the classroom and read by more teens everyday.

  21. Erin Bradley says:

    I think Young Adult Literature is very worthwhile. A lot of teens don’t like to read. But I think that this is mostly because the only books that their c\school has ever had them read aren’t young adult literature. They don’t necessarily identify with the characters or the situation that’s in the story. So far, I’ve really enjoyed the books we have read in YA Lit, and I think it’s because I can relate to them. More schools should offer Young Adult Literature to get students to read books that they are more likely to enjoy. Reading is something everyone should be doing from time to time and this is probably the best way to lure students in.

  22. Tyler Richards says:

    I deffinitly think that Young Adult books are worthwhile . Some student’s are probably unaware to the fact that there are books that deal with similiar issues young adults have to go through , so in that case it’s a great idea to introduce this genre to students who are unfimiliar with it , and hope to start some interest .

  23. Yes, Ya should be in school more, it’s better than the other stuff we have to read.

  24. Courtney Bennett says:

    I think YA lit is worthy of being taught in schools. Of course I dont believe you can just pick out any kind of YA book and have a class read it and expect it to be appropriate for what you want to get across. Times have changed, and teens taste for literature has changed along with it. This results in the way YA books are written to possibly become more..graphic you might say. YA books in my opinion deal with conflicts many teens are dealing with so it shouldn’t be such a big deal to read about them. Many times I believe people can learn from these books. Unless the author of the book declares its young adult genre I dont see why it should be labeled as such. Just because of a books label dosen’t mean it’s “just” for that age group. I mostly agree with Jonathan Stephens definition of YA Lit. I believe it should be taught in schools more.

  25. Eric Davis aka The Boss says:

    Well, to me a YA novel is a book with main characters who are teenagers, and they deal with teenage issues. Books about high school. As teenagers, we don’t see ourselves as children, but we don’t quite see ourselves as mature adults either. We’re young adults. So wouldn’t it make sense that books about us would not be called children’s literature or adult literature, but young adult literature?

    I also do believe it is worthwhile. Of course it is worthwhile. These are good books, and we enjoy reading them. Teenagers would want to read about teenage things, right?

    I do not believe that adults have the right to judge this literature. It is not for them. It is for us.

  26. Nicole Westfall says:

    Many people have issues with young adults reading YA books. I don’t understand the controversy. Yes, it deals with many real life issues, but young kids need to know about them. You can’t shun younger kids from these problems. They’re going to find out about them eventually. When a book is banned, chances are a kid is going to want to read it even more. I agree with Jonathan Stephens when he stated that “’Young Adult’” refers to a story that tackles the difficult, and oftentimes adult, issues that arise during an adolescent’s journey toward identity, a journey told through a distinctly teen voice that holds the same potential for literary value as its ‘Grownup’ peers.” This sums up YA in one sentence. I think that teaching this in school is a very good idea. I don’t understand why parents have such an issue with it. They should let their kids read what they want. Plus, YA is just a label on something. Why is there so much attention on these books, just because it’s now a genre?

  27. Victoria Bechtel says:

    yeah i think YA is worthwhile. I would have never read those other books if it wasn’t for Young Adult. Maybe it should be taught more, I’m not really sure, i think its fine just the way it is for classes now.

  28. Robbie Mace says:

    Yes I think YA is worthwhile.To me it’s not about literature it’s about what I want to read. Adults shouldn’t censor what I am reading espescially if it is a genre made for kids in my age group.

  29. Tiffanny Arnot says:

    YA is definitely worthwhile and should be used more often in schools. Almost all of the books that are assigned for school reading are old and boring and teenaers cannot relate to them. If more young adult books were taught in schools, I think students would actually read more of the books that they are assigned. I think that it is good that YA is a genre, there have always been childrens books and adult books, its nice that there is a genre in between that focuses specifically on what teenagers want to read.

  30. Hanna Gross says:

    Yes I think YA is worthwhile because the books that are taught in the class are the type of books that teenagers want to read and if we are handed boring books then we won’t want to read them. We need to read about people that we can relate to. YA lit should be taught in more high schools because it gives teenagers a chance to read about things that they can relate to and have fun reading them.

  31. Samantha Morgan says:

    I tottaly think that Young Adult books are worth being taught in schools. When students are handed boring books such as the Crucible, it makes them not want to read anymore. When we get to pick what books we want to read that encourages us as a student to read more. I think that a Young Adult Literature class needs to be taught to more students to encourage them to read more. 🙂

  32. Andrew Fejedelem says:

    I think that it is worthwhile to read young adult literature. It defiantly should be taught in schools. Kids today can’t relate to Huck Finn anymore, we need something new that is relevant and interesting. The name describes what it is, Young Adult so it should be kept.

  33. Shaun Williams says:

    I think that YA books should be read in schools to an extent. If they go in to too much detail about rape or other types of sexual content, for example, then that is where i would draw the line. I also think that teens need to be able to learn about YA books in school because those are the types of books that a lot of highschoolers are interested in.

  34. Ashley Schuette says:

    II never liked reading until this class. I always have to have a book on me now 🙂 I love the Y.A books. They relate to our lives and what we go through as teenagers/young adults. I think it’s good to read them in school because of that fact.

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