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Did anyone else think the Skype interview with Laurie Halse Anderson was as great as I did?!  Leave your comments 🙂


  1. I had a good time. she made me laugh which i very much needed yestrday. i liked especially how she never wuit talking because it made the situation less awkward

  2. Erin Bradley says:

    I thought the Skype interview was great. It was really interesting to hear an author’s thoughts on their own book. I was pretty skeptical on how interesting it would actually be, but it turned out better than I thought.

  3. Sarah Ashley says:

    I thought that the interview went really well. I thought she was funny. I really enjoyed listening to her talk about her life and how she became a writer. I thought it went really well and it was a lot of fun. You should do it again with your other classes.

  4. Rachel Edrington says:

    Yes, I really enjoyed the Skype interview with Laure Halse Anderson. She was very nice and extremley funnny. Also she seemed very down to earth and I’m glad that she took her time explaining her answers. I’m glad that we got the chance to hear her point of view on the book and see how and why she wrote her books. She was very open about it and I think that if you were to choose a different author who wasn’t as open and outgoing as she was it would have not ran so smoothly.

  5. Tiffanny Arnot says:

    I thought the Skype interview with Laurie Halse Anderson was great. It was really cool to get to hear what the authors think about their own books and to be able to ask them how they come up with the stuff they write about. I liked how she was really relaxed and told stories, it made it go by faster and there weren’t as many akward times when no one said anything.

  6. Tyler Richards says:

    I really enjoyed the Skype interview with Laurie Halse Anderson . Laurie seemed to be a really down – to earth person which was really awesome . Not gunna lie , I thought it might get a tad awkward with people not asking her any questions , but it played out really well . With doing this I hope my other teachers take advantage of the new software , and do interviews as well .

  7. Ellie Ratza says:

    I thought the Skype interview was incredible!! I have always loved to read and write so it is amazing to me that we got to hear her thoughts about how her books turned out and how people are reacting to them. I had alot of fun listening to her stories and I hope that you will be able to do stuff like this again for your future classes 😀

  8. I though it was a great experience. She is very intelligent and is a great speaker. Laurie was really easy to talk to and we all felt comfortable laughing with her it was really fun. Meeting her now makes me want to read more of her books and now i can actually know why she writes and what part of her is in the book.

  9. Simone Orcutt says:

    I thought the interview was amazing! She was so unbelievably funny. I actually added her on my own skype account that I have. It was really cool to learn her story and hear what she had to say about her own books. It was really the highlight of my day. Maybe even my whole year.

  10. Caroline Hardin says:

    I thought the Skype interveiw went really well. I liked the fact that she was a talker and wasn’t too laid back. She was very open and outgoing which was really cool.

  11. Stacey VanFleet says:

    I thought that the skype interview was very good! I enjoyed Laurie Halse Anderson’s sense of was hilarious. She really kept the mood light and entertaining. I was shocked by how truthful she was about answering questions but I did appreciate it as well. I really liked it when she read from her own novel and started to correct her mistakes. I was kind of nervous about the whole Skype interview but in the end I truly enjoyed it and had a great time.

  12. Deanna Gray says:

    I thought the Skype interview was interesting. I didnt expect it to be like that but it was still really cool how it was just like she was standing in front of us. I liked how she had such a good sense of humor because it made it alot better. She was really funny and i like how she seems to have a good view on things.

  13. Hanna Gross says:

    My first impression of her was that she was funny and she liked to talk a lot. When she started talking about sitting in the back row I thought it was funny because I’m just like that. I wish I could’ve got to stay longer and hear a lot more but from what I heard she seems like a really funny person.

  14. Davis, Eric Paul says:

    I thought it was so much fun. We actually got to get a little inside of an author’s head. I’m really glad she talked a lot, because we got so much information from her. Schedule one with J.K. Rowling 🙂

  15. Nicole Westfall says:

    I really enjoyed the skype interview, even though I have only read Speak. Laurie was a very interesting person and had many opinions on different subjects. It was very cool to get an opinion on the YA genre from a YA author. It’s a lot different than just reading her blog. I think that this was a very good idea and it made me want to read more of her books, especially Wintergirls. The way she talked about how hard it was to write that book really interested me and it sounded very good. I think that it would be a good idea to try and contact other authors and do the skype interview. It opens up a whole new world of oppurtunity and is very beneficial.

  16. Robbie Mace says:

    I thought the interview was Great!!! She was amazingly funny and extremely forward. I really enjoyed finding out about writing and her expirences.

  17. Jessica Rodgerson says:

    I think it was pretty amazing. I really enjoyed learning about Laurie & what made her write about the things she did. I would really love to do this again, maybe with a different author or maybe even Laurie again.

  18. Caitlyn Gairhan says:

    The skype interview with Laurie Halse Anderson was really exciting. I thought that the whole idea was really cool and once I witnessed it, it was better than i thought it would be. Laurie, I thought, was extremely funny and interesting. I like how in depth she told us about her life before she became a writer and how she got her ideas for her books.

    I really enjoyed it and would love to be part of another (:

  19. Janae Mahoney says:

    I thought the skype interview was awesome. I thought it was really interesting. I think it was cool to hear her talk about her books and how she came up with them. She is a very cool person and yes I really enjoyed it.

  20. Hayden Garfield says:

    I enjoyed the Skype Interview! Laurie Halse Andersen was a very interesting woman. She was smart and at the same time eccentric. She kept me interested and also provided useful information. Her laugh was hilarious along with her stories. It was good to get perspective from an established author.

  21. Corey Borowski says:

    I thought the skype interview was very cool. Even though she talked a lot, she was very detailed and answered all the questions that we asked to the best of her ability. She was a very funny and outgoing person. I liked how when she read from her book she made comments to what she would change if she were to go back and edit the book again. The interview was definately worth while and I think it would be something worth doing it again in the future.

  22. The interview with Auntie Laurie was amazing. I’ve never spoken with an author… other than the author of Michigan Chillers…. Anyway, I surpirsed myself with actually getting up and asking a question. Although I messed it up, I should have phrased it differenly. I didn’t mean for her daughters to read about it, but to go through it in reality. Getting us an interview with an author like Auntie Laurie is probably one of the nicest/coolest things a teacher can do. She was funny, open, deep, and down-to-earth. I doubt I will ever forget this.

  23. Alex Swanson says:

    I really liked the Skype interview! I thought that she was really cool. Plus she was absolutely hilarous. It was also cool that she was okay to talk about anything and didn’t have a problem reading from her book. I kind of wished that I would have asked her something. Overall though, it was amazing. 🙂

  24. Mercedes Kaiser says:

    I thought the interview went really well. Not alot of times you get to hear the author’s side of things. She was extremely funny and talked most of the time which it made the interview go by alot faster. I just wished I knew why she has three names on her books! I also liked how she told us where she came from and I was really suprised on how honest she was with us. In the end it was a great experience.

  25. It was great, she was funny. She Talked a lot about many things, it was really cool.

  26. Ammanda Centilli says:

    I didn’t expect to enjoy with interview with Laurie near as much as I did. I guess I expected her to sort of have a condescending celebrity attitude. That was not the case what so ever, she was great! She was funny and very relatable and not at all what I expected. She was very open and informational as well. I haven’t read much of her work personally, but I really liked her personality. So thank you so much for setting that up for us, it was a wonderful experience. =]

  27. Victoria Bechtel says:

    I thought that the interiew went really good. She was really funny and I enjoyed her a lot. She sure does know how to talk lol. I think the hardest part about the whole thing was when you had to come to sit infront of the class and ask questions. I personally dont like going infront of people and talking because I tend to mess up on my words when people are watching me lol. but other then that whole thing I enjoyed it a lot. Its not something you get to do or see every day. so it was deffanitly worth everything.

  28. Cortney Lewis says:

    I think the Skype interview went really well. I have read Speak, Twisted, and Wintergirls so it was really cool to here Laurie talk about her life and her books. I was suprised at how funny and relaxed she was it was so easy for her to talk about the difficult things in her life. I really enjoyed it.

  29. Courtney Bennett says:

    The skype interview was really exciting! I was anxious to meet Laurie Halse Andersen, especialy since I’m a fan of a couple of her YA books. I was so moved by how she had wrote them I was really curious to see how she was in person, well video. She was so far different from what I expected. I loved her enthusiasm and her humor. Herself being so laid back like she was, was alot more comforting for me personally. I truly regret not asking her some of the questions I had, but because I hate talking in front of people I didnt. I would love to be a part of another Skype interview. These should deffinately be used in the future!!

  30. Alyssa McPEek says:

    Hello, Mrs. Andersen I am sorry I missed the Laurie Halse Andersen skype my famiy ans I are in New Orlens for Mardi Gras till thursday. I will back to class then. I just wanted to let you know that I finished Elswhere and read 4 of my project books so I shouldn’t b to far behind. Sorry for missing so much class! BUt I really really loved BURNED it was a great book. I finished it on my 19 hour drive to Lousiana!!!! =-)
    Can not wait to see you thursday

    Love Lyssa

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