(I had to look up “scatter-brained” to see the actual spelling of such a word.)

If any of you can believe this, I gave up pop for Lent– this includes Diet Coke!  Keith gave it up with me, but he admitted yesterday that he cheated and drank some on Thursday.  I can’t believe I’ve lasted longer than him! 

The whole point of mentioning this, is that I think it’s making me more scatter-brained than normal.  I locked my keys in my classroom closet, I did something else dumb (I can’t remember what), and the worst offense of all?!  I FORGOT CATCHING FIRE ON MY DESK AT WORK !!!!!!!!!!!!  That book is getting so good right now, and it’s all I want to read.  What am I to do?

My files were restored at the end of the day.  HOORAY!! 🙂


  1. Ashley Bishop says:

    Don’t feel bad when my mom doesn’t drink her coke she gets the same way! Then she gets frustrated because she forgets everything and makes little mistakes haha. Man am i glad i’m not addicted to pop (:

  2. Robbie Lash says:

    Yeah…you probably shouldn’t of given pop. It’s just too good i think to give up.

  3. Jason Burghardt says:

    I agree with Robbie. Some people just cant function without caffeine.

  4. Alyissa Helmer says:

    ha I have to look things up all the time to see how they are spelled.
    and at lest you gave something up for lent.I got for to this year,last year I gave up watching gilmore girls.Which was reallly hard because I love that show and i watch it ever night be for i go to bed.So goodluck

  5. Chelsi Green says:

    I have the same problem with diet coke, and I thought about giving it up and then decided it would be way to hard so I couldnt do it. But on the other note, I have days like that and I hate it. I just feel like I should just sit down and not do anything for the rest of the day cus I might forget something again or screw up again. As for leaving the book that was soo good, if that happened to me i most likely would start a new book. If i get in the mood to read and the book im reading isnt there I tend to just start up a new one. (:

  6. madison wilson says:

    I hateeeee when I forget my books! when I started reading Twilight last year I forgot it at my cabin. I asked everyone i knew if they had it. I finally got it from my friends and finished the rest of it in like two days.

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