Two posts in one day- WHOA!

So our favorite author- Laurie Halse Anderson 🙂 – is now “vlogging.”  Check out the link to her LiveJournal for more info.


  1. Lindsay Jean Abbott says:

    I was told to leave a comment lol except i have no idea what to say besides that i’m having trouble finding a book for this project lol.

  2. Justin "The Impaler" Huffman says:

    Laurie Halse Anderson, what an interesting name! You know who else has a interesting name? John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. There is no doubt, that is in fact a very intriguing name. He also reminds me of a good ol’ lad who does by the name of Jonnhy Appleseed; what a good man, going around and planting seeds to benefit others. Now that I think about it; Spider-Man really likes to help others. Whether he is web slinging hundreds of feet above the ground to save a falling person or fighting his arch nemesis Green Goblin, to save that one girl who just makes his heart a go.

    Well that about sums it all up,

    Love, Justin

  3. My favorite Author is Robin Mckinley because she writes alot of adventure fantasies about young teenage girls and their journies of self discovery. they are really neat and once i start one of her books i can’t put it down! Y’all should check her out!

  4. Lacie Collins says:

    I personally think that this topic somethmes reaches out to other people alot more than most. when anderson actually brought out this issue people probably just sat down and read the story and personally took it all in. even if it didnt effect them at the time, they know have realized how much of effect this has happened

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