Drug use in the suburbs

I was watching World News with Diane Sawyer this evening and she included a story about heroin use in the suburbs.  It’s a bigger problem in suburbs than most people think.  I have the link to the article and video posted below. 


One of the reasons I’m posting this is because I know many of you are reading books about drugs for your trimester project.  Ellen Hopkins has only written about heroin use in Tricks, and she thankfully writes an accurate description of how scary the drug is.  

I really want all of you to watch the video and read the article.  It’s important for you to be aware of what is happening around you.


  1. Katelyn Torrey says:

    I am hoping this is the blog we were supposed to respond on. Well anyway I think that is just crazy how much of a problem heroin has become. I am not too informed about many drugs but really i didn’t think it was that big of an issue. The scary part is how easy someone can get hooked to it and how hard it can be to stop using the drug (only 1 out of 10!). Thankfully authors like Ellen Hopkins are trying to get the word out there on how dangerous certain drugs can be. However, a lot of the people who are already using or could be potential users of drugs like heroin are most likely not reading YA novels like Tricks.

  2. renee montague says:

    I think it is stupid for people to do drugs i dont care if they are doing drugs any way because its there problem they have to live with it if the people want to stop well they can get help on there own time i dont really care about other peoples life of what things they do and how they do it sorry to sound mean but i really dont care ANDREW HERE NEXT TO ME IS GETTING ON MY NERVS I WANT TO HIT HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Shaun Williams says:

      Sorry that Andrew is hitting on you or getting on your nerves. But you were a little shotty on what you said.

  3. Zach "Super Sexy " Hatfield says:

    I think heroin in suburbs is a problem, bbut the media is portraying it as a bigger problem than it is. All it takes is one suburb to have a problem and the media will twist it all around to sound as though it is a huge threat. Next weeks drug will be crack, and the following week will be ACID, either way, kids are gonna try new stuff and make mistakes, theres not a whole lot we can do. We can show the horrible things it does to people and there familes but in the end if a kid wants to try it and become addicted, their gonna do it.

  4. Andrew Fejedelem says:

    I think people are stupid for doing drugs like herion. Especially knowing that it comes from a foriegn country, they dont care about safty, all they care about is the money. The thing that is really “scary” is that it is so cheap. Heroin should not be 5 bucks, if its that cheap you should know its probably full of bleach and other poisons. From Mexico to the U.S you couldnt even begin to tell what they have added in to make it seem like there is more. Plus the health hazard with using needles. It’s very scary that people don’t even care anymore, anything to get high at any price.

  5. Lacie Collins says:

    this is some crazy stuff. i mean i am fully aware of how the drug buisness is working in these days i have to be well eduacted on it for my profession. the fact of the matter is that people dont care anymore, they are not really that consendered on what happens to there life. all they want is the high. which in todays society at least 3 out of 7 people are addicted to at least one illegal street drug in America. this ranges from people in there early teens to in there older ages. you cant tell these people to stop or even to slow down they believe that doing drugs is the only way that it will make there life what it is and what it is, is nothing, becuase of the drugs that they use.

  6. Ashley Bishop says:

    I just can’t believe how many teenagers are doing heroin these days. Also that most of them thought that it wasn’t as bad or addictive as pot. How do some kids not know that it’s way worst? I agree with Katelyn because i’m glad Ellen Hopkins is writing books and spreading the word and seriousness of heroin. Someone has to tell them somehow or we are going to lose a lot of people to this drug.

  7. Shayne Harrington says:

    HOLY CRAP! I can’t believe that this is such a problem in the suburbs. I guess you never expect it because you don’t here much about it. I’m glad that ABC decided to cover a story about it. It’s crazy how kids can go from using a drug that you don’t think is that serious, like pot, to using heroin…which everyone obviously knows is a deadly drug. Ellen Hopkins is my favorite authors and I intend to read the book Tricks which, as you know, deals with heroin use.

  8. Angelica Kristin Leigh Clark says:

    That is ridiculous. Drugs are already a huge problem, and the upperclass drugs should defintilly never be that low in cost. Nothing like trying to hook more people. What really scares me is the possibility of drug users greatly incressing. We already see people everywhere that do not commit to society. This may take a lot of young lives. These honor students could really be somthing great and do some good. Where will we be if the least expecting people take these drugs? What about the people that are expected to do such? Drug use is becoming way too big of an epidemic. This is not what we need, especilly with the free Health Care.

  9. MacKenzie Smith says:

    I cannot believe that heroine is becoming so popular. 1 out of 10 people who start using can actually stay clean the rest of their life. The odds are so stacked against kids, I just do not understand how kids see this as a fun thing to do. The cost of using is soo unbelievably low, I guess I didn’t know just how cheap it was, so I can see why kids are switching to that instead of pot. But, wow, what a reality check for the world.

  10. Ashley Schuette says:

    I think it’s crazy that people do heroin right in broad daylight and in obvious places like suburbs. I never knew until i watched this video that heroin was such a problem and how easily someone could get hooked on it. Only 1 out of 10 can recover from it after being addicted which is shocking. People probably think they won’t get addicted and that’s why they try it but as the video said once they try it, they can’t seem to stop. It’s good that they’re noticing the problem and making other people aware about it.

  11. Jason Laube says:

    I agree with Katelyn. I don`t know many things about drugs. I mean Stephanie and I just asked what Heroin was. I think that it is good that authors like Ellen Hopkin write about major events that happen in our world around today. I think that many authors do this to inform people especially young teens about the serious events that could lead down a bad road.

  12. madison says:

    I thinkk its so crazy how fast someone can become addicted. and the fact that its all around us is actually pretty scary. Im glad there are so many good books informing people about drug use.

  13. Rob Balla says:

    I never really thought about any other drug being a problem other than marijuana. Hearing about this problem, I hope that nobody tries a drug like this. Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs out there. If anybody tries that drug just once, they will get addicted. The right choice is the only choice; do not try Heroin.

  14. Stephanie Peterson says:

    I can’t even imagine using a drug like heroin. The article was saying that many young kids were turning to heroin because it was cheaper than any other drugs. I can totally believe that. If a young kid is going to use drugs then they are obviously going to need to pay for it themselves, so the cheaper the better. I haven’t read Ellen Hopkins new book Tricks yet, but if it is like all her other books, it will probably show the brutal truth about the consequences of heroin use.

  15. Kelsey Reider says:

    I was really shocked about how easy it is for teenagers to become addicted to heroin, and the ones that are becoming addicted are most likely honor students and athletes. It just makes the looming threat of drugs more real for the masses. Futhermore, kids getting fixes at the bus station! That is truly terrifying then they are going to school high. Plus, the drug lords market it to teenagers and teenagers don’t look forward into the future! Also, what is twilight brand heroin?

  16. Gracie Gottler says:

    Wow, that is terrible. I can’t believe that people would be stupid enough to buy heroin from some guy in your neighborhood, and that it’s marketed towards teens. It just astounds me, the world we live in today. It makes me not want children so that they never have to go through the tempation, peer pressure, and availibility of heroin and other drugs.

  17. Chelsi Green says:

    First i want to say the book tricks is anamazing book, and i would reccomend it to anyone. But about the whole heroin deal, thats crazy. I knew heroin was a big deal, although i didnt know it was that intense and that bad in suburbs like this. I deffinately think action should be taken. Heroin is addicting, way more addicting than weed, and its cheaper. People do need to be aware of this and watch out for their kids friends or family more.

  18. Heidi Gray says:

    It’s not surprising to me how available drugs are to people today. I have talked to too many kids and heard too many conversations to con myself into believing are society is not swamped with drugs. When I first found out that certain kids were doing drugs I was shocked to find out Honor students were doing drugs, but after reading this article I am not surprised anymore.
    It’s sad that people feel so helpless and out-of-control that they start using drugs and escalates into an addiction. “It’s recreational!” “I just do it when I’m stressed!” “I’m not addicted” No, recreational is jogging, playing a videogame, watching a movie. No, you ARE addicted and you’re so blind you don’t even realize it.
    Stress is tough. We all deal with it in life, but when people begin to use drugs (of any kind) it becomes a crutch.
    What I don’t get is how come law enforcement don’t do just that…enforce the law!

  19. Justin "The Ludacris" Huffman says:

    Drugs are indeed bad, at first I doubted it; but now I know for a fact. From this point on when somone inquires towards me about indulging in these temptations, I will exclaim “NEIGH!”

  20. Lindsay Abbott says:

    This is scary! my brother lives so close to charlotte North Carolina and it just freaks me out. After reading tweak i saw drug addiction in such a different perspective, I mean i read The heroin diaries but Nic Sheff was more open on his journey through drug addiction. I don’t think teens understand how bad heroin is. It eats at your body and even makes you look like you have Jaundice. People may think i’ll just try it, but that first time and your hooked, just like that! They say heroin is one of the worst drugs to overcome, the high from it is so magical and takes your body to new heights as Nic sheff explains in TWEAK but the after math of it isn’t magical at all. You think you can stop, but the reality is you can’t unless you get help. People need to understand what you have now isn’t so bad, and its no excuse to turn to drugs. You could have the life you’v always dreamed of, because life is all about choices, and i’m sure teens never dreamed of growing up as heroin addicts. Don’t be so naive, detroit and flint are some of the worst citys for drug addiction, and yes it can happen to YOU! Be aware and look out for yourself and your friends. You are in charge of you. haha i sound like a mom or something… lol

  21. Holley Gridley says:

    Omigod! Thats crazy. First, I havent read Tricks yet, but I plan to. Second, it’s crazy to think that its such a problem in the suburbs. Although most people don’t hear about those problems now-a-days, because some people choose to ignore those kinds of issuses. I’m glad that people are trying to tell the world that these problems do exist.

  22. Alyissa says:

    It’s hard to believe that heroine can become such an addiction after just one time. And I never knew that kids were being coming so addicted to heroine.

  23. Shaun Williams says:

    I thought that it was interesting. I didn’t like how the harrion was so cheap to get. I don’t like that people can get it at al.l. It really concerns me a lot. I really think that there should be a stronger band on harrion.

  24. Erin Stiers says:

    I think that the amount of drug use is insanely increased everywhere, not just in the suburbs. The article seems so drastic because everyone has always coinsided that “bad things” don’t happen in those kind of neighborhoods. The truth is that they are just better at hiding it. In poverty, drug use is neither covered up nor shamed. In higher class communities it is frowned upon and therefore the risk of getting caught is higher and the thrill of doing it increases. Boredom takes over these teenagers lives and they turn to drugs. Granted I wasn’t aware of how bad heroin use has become, but drug use world-wide has taken a turn for the worse.

  25. Angela Liddell says:

    After I read Go Ask Alice I realize how easy it is for teenagers to get ahold of drugs. I think it is sad that the suburbs used to be known as the safe, quiet, cute little parts of the town where nothing went wrong. They are losing their reputation and gaining a horrible new reputation. The thing I have to say that upsets me the most is how easy people fall to peer pressure these days. Not alot of teenagers can speak for themselves or stand up for themselves anymore and I believe that has something to do with this issue too. I used to hate when my parents would say I was in high school before too. I used to tell them but things have changed and it is harder. I have now realized it is no harder, we are just easier to influence these days.

  26. Jason Burghardt says:

    This is insane. I thought herion was within the city. I would have never thought it is in the surburbs. I knew that pot was in the surburbs but herion.

  27. Marissa Engelhart says:

    I just got out of the class Into to Substance Abuse at MCC, so I know quite a bit about common drugs. Heroin is a very scary drug and I have been meaning to read Tricks, but haven’t got around to it yet. Heroin is 3 times as potent as morphine and morphine is 10 times as potent as opium. In all honesty from what I have learned, it is nearly impossible to get off these drugs. For one thing, the users are always chasing after that same first high and for another thing, the users are rapidly addicted and would rather use the drug than the face the scary withdrawal symptoms (when I say scary, I mean it can be deadly if not done correctly under supervision of doctors). The drug is so hard to get off of that if the user truly wants help, doctors will give them a rapid detoxification drug, so they will be unconscious while undergoing detoxification and getting rid of the withdrawal symptoms safely. Of course they receive counseling and whatnot, but relapse is almost inevitable. Personally I don’t believe that it is just as big of an epidemic as the media portrays. It is possible that more people are looking for treatment, so they assume it is increasing in the suburbs. Also some people like to undergo detox just so they can lower their tolerance levels and save more money. It is possible that when the media reports a drug problem, the problem actually does arise. This happened a while ago, when there was a newspaper article about kids sniffing glue from model air planes and cars and shortly after the sales of model glue soared leading to restriction of sales to minors. Sorry about the long post, but I just have a big interest in drugs for two main reasons. One being that I am going into nursing (or pre-med) next year and even on my job shadow I seen an overdose on Tylenol and another being that I had a drugs personally affect me (not naming names).

  28. Robbie Lash says:

    I know this is a little late, but i guess it’s better late than never lol. I think what Zach said is very true, because the majority (about 80%) of suburbs probably don’t have an extremely bad problem with hard drugs, especially as much as the media puts it. They need stories, so they will manipulate stories like that and make it seem a lot worse than it really is. I’m not saying that none of this is true, because drug use is inevitable to be in a lot of suburbs, i just think the stories can get stretched a little too far.

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