Are you kidding me?!

This is ridiculous!  I don’t even have words for how irritated I am right now… 

On a happier note, a woman my dad works with made a $10 donation to my fundraiser.  Hopefully the momentum keeps going!

P.S.  As I was typing this message my friend from way back when made a $25 donation to the fundraiser! 

P.P.S Check out Twitter tonight and tomorrow night from 9:00-11:00 to interact with authors like Ellen Hopkins, Lisa McMann, Becca Fitzgerald and Alyson Noel (Weds.) & Cami Garcia, Cassandra Clare, and Scott Westerfeld (Thurs.)  Search #yalitchat once you log into Twitter.


  1. Hey Mrs. Andersen,

    You are absolutely right. That is ridiculous that Twilight is now being challenged for sexual content.

    First, Bella and Edward (or even Jacob) never have sexual intercourse until the fourth book. However, since they become married first, this is accepted in society as being morally correct. She never goes into perverted detail.

    Books like “Looking For Alaska” I can understand why they would be challenged (or even banned), but the Twilight series does not even come close.

    Maybe they are focusing more on the movies than the actual book itself?

    • Gracie Gottler says:

      Wow I have read all the Twilight books and there really isn’t much sex in it at all. No, i take that back. there isn’t any at all. Bella and Edward don’t even have sex till after they are married! And it isn’t even discriptive! I just don’t understand people sometimes! Breathing underwater was more sexual than the Twilight series!

  2. Angelica Kristin Leigh Clark says:

    Hea, I know this has noting to do with this, but I did not know of any other way to contact you. I was just letting you know that the used book sale at Clio libaray is taking place in the upstairs on May 1st from 10 until 4.

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