Y.A. and You

It’s nearing the end of the school year, so I’m feeling a bit reflective.  What has this class done for you?  What should I change or keep the same?  If I were to create a Y.A. Lit 2, how should I set it up?  Any comments will be appreciated!

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  1. Angela Liddell says:

    The Y.A. lit class, for me, has re introduced me to enjoying reading and not simply dreading another class assignment. I seriously must have thought all books were boring and nothing that I could relate to. Now, I go to Border’s to get more books i obviously don’t have to read because the summer is nearing, but I want to read them now.

    If I were a sophmore or junior and a Y.A. Lit 2 was going to be offered I believe I would enjoy reading the sequel to Breathing Underwater. I believe the name of it is Diva. I would also enjoy meeting or being able to converse with different authors because usually that is not the easiest thing to arrange.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I really wanted to have another Skype interview, but none of the authors have responded 🙁 If you feel like driving for two hours, you could go to Holland tonight to meet Lisa McMann!

  2. Zach "Super Sexy" Hatfield says:

    I wouldnt change a thing, this class opened my eyes to Young Adult Lit. Before, all i read were just plain adult books, but those are no where near as exciting and entertaining.

  3. Erin Stiers says:

    I was looking forward to this Y.A. Lit class all year long, and it was all I hoped it would be. Class debates and great reading material. I loved the freedom to read at your own pace, yet still keep up with everyone else. For me choosing the project books was helpful because I was able to look at books I wouldn’t normally look at. The book talks worked out well also. The environment of the class was perfect, totally worth the wait my Senior year! Thanks Mrs. Andersen for everything (since Sophomore year!).

  4. Zach "Super Sexy" Hatfield says:

    I also love how theres more adventure and higher climaxs in these novels.

  5. Gracie Gottler says:

    Wow i really loved this class! it was a challenge for me to branch out and read books like Elsewhere, Breathing Underwater, and Looking for Alaska. Those are not the kind of books that i usually read but i really liked them all. If you make a part 2 YA Lit. class i would pick one genre to really study as a class and have more in depth discusions and debates. The book dicusions we had as a class got me really excited to read and hear the opinions of others and how they interpret the message of the book. This was an awesome class and i really hope it can continue!

  6. Madison Wilson says:

    This class has got me back into reading. I used to read all the time, but then i kind of stopped. Now i read all the time. I think you should keep most of the class the same. I think if you make a Y. A. lit 2 it shouldd be basically the sam, but with different books, or you could do like a theme for each arking period and we cuold pic our own books to read based on the theme or something. I think thatd work out good because then we can read a book we would be interested in (:

  7. Ashley Bishop says:

    This class helped me become interested in reading and actually enjoy it. I loved all three books we read in class and I loved how they had real issues. My favorite book was elsewhere, i read it so quickly and i couldn’t get enough of it. This class was one of my favorites and i loved reading all my project books as well.

  8. Alyissa helmer says:

    I really liked Y.A i was not a big reader befor Y.A i didnt like reading and i thought that books were boring. But Y.A has showen me that their is alot of good books out there. I think i will start reading more now that i have taken this class. i think more kids would like to read if they were in a Y.A class they would see that there are better books then i books we read in school

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      My main goal in this class is to spark an interest in reading and continuing to read. I hope you find more books you like after this class has ended. Maybe you can make some recommendations to students that haven’t had this class 🙂

  9. Jason Laube says:

    This class, honesty was my favorite class of the trimester. I enjoyed reading books that I wouldn`t really pick up and read,which is good because if I wouldn`t of taken this class I wouldn`t have read anything this year. I hope that your plans for a YA 2. Hopefully the books that I have written down will help me keep saine in college. Keep up the good work Mrs. Andersen, its a great class (:

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Thank you, Jason 🙂 You can always check my blog or e-mail me if you need to know about a good book when you’re away at college.

  10. Stephanie Peterson says:

    This has been my favorite class so far this year. I haven’t exactly read as many books as i would have liked to but either way i read more than i probably would have without taking this class. Having a Y.A. Lit 2 would be really cool! I, personally, don’t know what else you could do with the class.

  11. Marissa Engelhart says:

    The reason I joined this class because I loved to read but never really had the time to do so. This class gave me the excuse to put some of my homework aside and do the”homework” that I love. I honestly would keep everything the same about the class. Asfor Y.A. 2, I think you could have the same format, but different required books.

  12. Chelsi Green says:

    I loved this classs! I couldnt wait for it, i had high expectations for it and they were deffinately met. I wish i could take this calss again next year too and im bummed i cant. But as for this year, i enjoyed everything we did. Breathing underwater was deffinately my favorite book, and elsewhere was my least. They were all good books, its just elsewhere was somewhat slow. But if you were to have a Y.A. lit 2 i deffinately think you should have them read Diva. Otherwise the set up of this class i liked everything about it! Thanks for a great year! (:

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      If I can create a YA 2, I will definitely teach Diva. I don’t know how the rest of the class will proceed, but it makes complete sense to read that book. As for next year, you can ALWAYS come see me to borrow or talk about books 🙂

  13. This was not just a class to me, it was an ADVENTURE! Whether I was exploring the rugged Australian Outback or taming a rare Asian Tiger; I always found myself opening up to read the next chapter of these books. Why be dreary and do normal class stuff,when you can read? It is like slaying your first dragon, it is ever so satisfying plus you can show your parents and they will be ever so proud of you. Since your parents new found pride in you has been sparked; who knows you just might get that pony youv’e been looking at!

  14. Lacie Collins says:

    Personally i really enjoyed have this class. i enjoy reading but my senior year had just been to crazy to read. so having this class let me have a chance to read my senior year with a pace taht i had on my own. with the book we had to read as a class which they were all good books and makes me think that the school should have a second year of this class amny people would enjoy the class.

  15. Heidi Gray says:

    Young Adult Literature is one of the best classes I have taken…ever. I enjoyed English before because we were able to read, but in this class we were able to read books that apply to us. I cannot draw very many parallels betwen Beowulf and myself.

    It is important that you continue this class because there are many students out there who lov to read and this clas provies them time to read and they get a grade for it. Doesn’t get any better than that!

    Can we still check books out from you if we still will be living in Clio?

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Yeah I can’t draw too many parallels between Beowulf and myself either. Weird…

      And yes, you can stop by and check out some books 🙂

  16. Heidi Gray says:

    love* class* provides*

  17. Jason Burghardt says:

    This class has gotten me to find some joy in reading, i still find it to be a bit of a chore. I think you were to creat a YA lit 2 then you should pick more controversial books that we most of us can relate to.

  18. ashley schuette says:

    If i didn’t take this class i wouldn’t of even picked up a book. I’ve probably read 2 or 3 books outside of school. I never liked reading, because i never put the effort into enjoying it. Taking this class has made me like reading a lot more than i used too. When i go to walmart or target now, i always stop down the book aisle. There are so many books i want to read! and hopefully i continue on reading a lot after this class. I enjoyed the class and think you did a great job with it. Each book we read were about good topics and everyone had there own opinions on them, which is always good for debate. I wouldn’t change much if i were you, maybe switch the books up at the most. And i think you should definitely try and get a Y.A Lit 2 class, i think a lot of people would take it since everyone loved the 1st class! good job with everything and thanks for opening my eyes to enjoying reading! good luck with everything 🙂

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I’m so happy you’ve started reading! I hope you still make time for it next year when you start your college classes.

  19. MacKenzie Smith says:

    I loveddddddd this class!
    definately my favorite class of the year! I loveee reading and really got out of thr habit of reading until this class. Also all of the books were great, they are now on the top of my favorites list!
    I reallyyyy hope you could create a adult lit 2 for next year, that would be greattt, but i think maybe for adult lit 2 if you get to create one, change up the style of books maybe and do things alot different just to keep people interested and hooked.
    I am not saying this first part was bad, not at all !
    Just saying the second part should be a twist ( :

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I agree with the twist. I know I won’t have a YA 2 next year b/c it’s too late for that, but maybe the year after?!

  20. Kelsey Reider says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this class, and I would not change any aspect of it. I enjoyed all the books we read, but I would have each kid pace the novels on their own. For instance, you could give out all the work/projects that will be done with the books so we could get a head start. Also, if a Y.A. Lit 2 was introduced you should read more fantasy/science fiction or maybe even focus on a series. Plus, you could read Diva by Alex Flinn because it is an awesome book! : )

  21. Andrew Fejedelem says:

    This class has re-introduced me to reading. Before this class I hadn’t really read much young adult lit, but I have gotten back into reading some new books after this class. YAL p2 should be the same setup, but with different books.

  22. renee montague says:

    This class is amazing i love it to bad i cant take another tri mester of it because i really want to, i do not think you should change a thing i like everything about this class.It made me see how much reading i can do i never new i could read that fast tho but again i do love this class and if i had an oppertunity to take it 3 times a day i wouldn even have to think because i would do it in a heart beat.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I’m glad you love the class so much, Renee! It’d be cool to teach it throughout the day.

  23. shaun Williams, the sexyest guy on the plannet! says:

    I liked this class. I agree whith Zack! This class was fricken cool. I have learned a lot of things in this class. I had a really fun time in this class. I wouldn’t change anything!

  24. Shayne Harrington says:

    I waited alllllllll year for this class. I was ticked that I had to wait until 3rd trimester for it. It was definitely worth it though. I’ve always read young adult books that fit under the drug abuse topic. I kind of thought that was the only kind of book that appealed to me. When I took this class and had to read 3 new young adult books that didnt involve drug abuse at all, I was worried I wouldnt like them. They were awesome though (except for Looking For Alaska). I think you should make a YA 2. It would be cool if you had the kids take a personality test at the beginning of the trimester and you matched their answers up with 3 YA books. Then you could assign them those book for the trimester and they could do book talks, projects, papers, etc. over them.

  25. Angelica Kristin Leigh Clark says:

    I like this class, and I think that a Y.A. 2 would be cool. Mabey, since it is a Y.A. 2 class, insted of making it the same with three books, you could make it like you have to read two series. There are some short series like The Hunger Games, and The City of…, but if you extend the class out to two trimesters.

  26. Katelyn Torrey says:

    This Young Adult Lit class has been one of my favorite classes ever. I have always enjoyed reading young adult books so this class really was perfect for me. It has taught me to read different style of books than I am used to. While listening to all the book talks this year, I have made a big list of books that I am going to read that I probably never would have even thought of had it not been for this class.
    I would definitely keep the book talks, reading responses, and the final project. Those all seem to work really well. I wouldn’t take anything away from the class except for talking in small groups. I thought class discussions like Socratic Seminar seemed to work a lot better.
    If you were to do a YAL 2 class you could think about doing a similar final project except up the amount of books you have to read. Also it would be kind of interesting to make it a requirement to write your own YAL short story. After taking the YAL 1 class, all the students should have a pretty good idea as to what a YA book should include.
    Overall I thought this class was an excellent one. I really enjoyed it!!!

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      These are wonderful ideas! I agree with more Socratic Seminars, and I also like the idea of requiring more outside reading. Maybe I’ll test the YAL short story idea with the students that are left after all of you leave… 🙂

  27. Ashton H :) says:

    Well…the end is nearing and it is very sad. I thought this class was my favorite class I have taken all year. I really enjoy reading, but i didnt really read much before this class because i didnt know what books were good, and i didnt even know there was a catagory of books called young adult lit. I would not change anthing about the way the class was run, it went swimmingly! I hope there can be a 2nd class to this because i will totally sign up. As for tips for a second class, i think it would be cool if you got the stuents to dig deep into their minds. Like maybe have them write a short story, or make up a plot for a book or characters or something. Thats about all I got lol

  28. Paige Block says:

    English has always been one of my favorite subjects. It’s actually because of my love for reading that I have to wear glasses. When I heard about YA from Emily Birmingham whom had taken the course previously, I was really excited. I loved how all we did was read and do projects on what we read. I’ve always had a hard time finding YA books that I would enjoy reading, but being in your class in general opened me up to a lot of books I probably wouldn’t have read (from book talks and personal references you’d give). I’m really sad to have to leave. If I could I would come back and just have five hours of Mrs. Andersen’s English class(: I really love how you have your own little personal library that you gave us the privelage of checking out from, and I’m sure every newbie to your class will appreciate it as well. I wish I would be here to witness the possible YA 2. YA 2, as I would see it, would be a more advanced version of the first portion. We only read three books and they were fairl short, easy reads. In part 2 you could possibley read a few more books that are longer and more in-depth? And possibley have different projects for final projects? You could also do different projects per book. I feel like the projects we did for the three we read were all too similar. I really like the found poems though. But the pamphlet for Breathing Underwater seemed too simple in my opinion. It just seems logical that YA 2 would be more advanced, and students wouldn’t really have room to complain considering it’s common sense that a sequal to a class would be more advanced than the previous course. Spanish II isn’t going to be the same as Spanish I, so they shouldn’t underestimate YA 2. Anyways, whatever you plan to do with the class, I believe you’ll make it as wonderful and maybe even more so. You’re an awesome teacher and I’m actually regreting that I wasn’t able to have you in previous years, but I’m really glad and honored all the same to have been able to have you this year(: You’re definitely one of my favorite teachers.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Thank you, Paige. This is a really sweet post, and I also love your ideas.

      Also- I’m thinking of changing the Breathing Underwater project. What I wanted to do originally wouldn’t work b/c of technology issues. I’m going to find something new this summer. I want to teach myself how to create a book trailer and make that an assignment for the book.

  29. Hmm, half of the comment box is gone so it’s going to be hard to type this. But I used to not like reading that much, it seemed too much of a chore before. After taking this class, I found out that reading was a lot better than expected. I never really read so much before and I thought reading six books altogether in one trimester was going to kill me. After getting through this trimester I noticed that it was a lot easier than I originally planned. I got all six of my books done and I read a lot faster now than how slow I used to read at. Thank you Mrs. Andersen for making this class fun for me and opening my eyes to how fun reading really is. Also, I think if you had a Part 2 class, you should teach a specific genre most people can relate to and see if you can get sequels to the books we read in Part one of the class. Just my $.02. 🙂

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