Cool Movie News!

Can you guess which book is being made into a movie?!

THE WAKE TRILOGY!!!!  So exciting right?!  Here is a link to her blog with all of the details Lisa McMann currently has:


  1. Ashton H. says:

    WHAT!!? thats amazing! i think we were talking about how that would be a good book to movie shortly before school got out lol how in the world did you find that out?

  2. Mrs. Andersen says:

    I have Lisa McMann added as a “friend” on Facebook, and the day after school got out she had the news posted as a FB status. I was in the middle of lunch with my friend and my mom and for some reason I was on my phone checking FB. I saw the news and gasped (in the middle of lunch) and they looked at me like “What?!” They weren’t as excited as I was, but they thought it was cool lol.

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