City of Bones

When I was first reading this book I wasn’t too sure if I was going to like it. It seemed like a slow read to me in the beginning, but as I got farther in it definitally caught my attention. Now I need to get City of Ashes and City of Glass, anyone have either of them that I can borrow?  Anyway, its about a girl named Clary Fray, who has a special “sight”. This “sight” makes it able for her to see demons and vampires and shadow hunters. Little did she know, she was born a shadow hunter. It had simply been hidden from her because of the person she least expected. Now she is on a mission to save her kidnapped mom with a couple of kids she barely knows.

On a random note, my cousin had her baby a few days ago and I am super stoked!! I can’t wait to see miss Ryleigh 🙂 Oh and this is my first blog so it’s pretty short. Oh and I’m trying to see if I can post this on both blogs 🙂


  1. Hey Caroline,

    I have read the entire series (or at least what the author has published so far). It is pretty good! I think you will definitely enjoy Ashes and Glass because it just gets better and becomes more sinister and twisted.
    Good job on your first bolg 🙂
    Congrats on baby cousin!!!

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