It’s neither mountainous nor pleasant : )

I’m currently reading Once Was Lost by Sara Zarr.  Once I finish I’ll write up a review of some kind.  I’m bringing it up tonight because the part I read last night reminded me of a moment with Keith.  The protagonist, Sam, is riding along with a guy she has a crush on.  He’s driving a stick, and since she hasn’t gotten her license yet, he teaches her how to switch gears as he’s driving.

Keith drives a manual, beat up, red F-150.  It’s a dirty guy’s truck, but I have so many seemingly small, but pleasant memories connected with it.  On a cool fall night in Mount Pleasant, Keith decided to teach me how to switch gears as we drove to buy always tasty Taco Bell.  Keith knows to switch simply by listening to his truck.  We started by him telling me when to switch, but eventually, after driving up and down Mission a few times, I started hearing the difference as well.  I won’t go so far as to say that I can drive a stick (let’s not get carried away here), but I still have a knack for knowing when to switch gears. 

Have any of you read something that left you with a similar nostaglic connection?


  1. I read this book and I really liked it not necessarily a favorite but still i liked it a lot. Yeah that same part reminded me of when i learned how to drive a stick last summer. Officially a pro now lol jk wouldnt go that far. But anyways this is a good book thanks for letting me borrow it hope you like it!

  2. Mrs. Andersen says:

    What have you been reading this summer, Kaylee?

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