Boosts in Teen Reading

In the past few years that I’ve been teaching at Clio, I have noticed more and more students reading.  Not only are they reading, but they’re carrying these non-required books from class to class.  Now granted, there are always teens reading; I was one of them.  But I didn’t go to the book store looking for my next book.  I don’t even think I read any young adult books when I was in high school.  Whatever I read was usually recommended by my parents. 

So what’s changed over the past few years?  Is it the quality of the writing?  Is it all the aftermath of the Harry Potter phenomenon?  I found an article that was written a few years ago addressing these questions.  I’d love it if you read it and followed up with your opinions/thoughts.  I’m especially interested to know if any of you purposely seek out more complex, deep novels.


  1. I read the article (at least the important part anyway).

    I have been reading for a long time. I love to read and my passion for it came from my mom and sister. I think what kept me reading though was when I found my niche in reading.

    My mom and sister were really big into christian romances and so that is what I read for a long time. They were good books, but after awhile some of them became redundant so I spread out the spectrum and found some other books that were really good.

    Then I took YAL which totally wrecked my world with Looking for Alaska. Going from clean, non-explicit novels to harden, bitter people was a big transition.

    A book series I am really hooked into though is the Hunger Games. I am Patiently waiting for the third book Mockingjay, but—ugh!—-it is so…HARD! 🙂

    For me and reading it comes down to great writers like Suzanne Collins. If the writing is not there then neither am I. Her books kept me going and I never tired of reading her books. I just “ate” up everything she gave me (no pun intended ;))

    I’m thinking about maybe one day writing a book too.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Eek! I hope I didn’t ruin anything for you by assigning Looking for Alaska. Although I did purposely choose books that I figured most students wouldn’t normally pick for themselves.

      I agree about Suzanne Collins and her books. I would love to possess the ability to capture a person’s interest like she does. Only about a month left until Mockingjay is released! 🙂

      What kind of book would you like to write?

      • Oh boy.

        Mrs. Andersen, if I ever did write a book I would definitely have to invest in an excellent editor.

        I’m sorry I meant “rocked” not wrecked. LOL!
        I did not mean it in a bad way, just that I had been reading such different material then WHAM!

        Oh boy.

        Sorry for the miscommunication 🙂

        I think my novels would be fast-paced stories of what happens to everyday people. I am actually thinking about going more towards the film industry with my writing so I would write it in a way easy to transition to the screen.

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          Haha I’m glad you clarified the mix up 🙂

          I like your idea about fast-paced novels. I also think it’s cool that you want to write for films 🙂

  2. I Started reading the Harry Potter books in fourth grade and, ya know, they were the best thing my tiny little brain had ever had the pleasure of digesting at that point lol so I tried more fantasy books like the Michigan Chillers books for a while while I patiently waited for the rest of the HP’s and then in either seventh or eighth grade I discovered Dean Koontz, who to this day is still my favorite. It wasn’t until high school that I started picking up YA books here and there. I had spent a ton of time just working through the Koontz ones that I had and collecting more when I saw them, while every now and then borrowing a YA one from a friend. Your class definitely sent my reading list of the charts lol

    • Oh and like Heidi, I hope to write a few of my own 😀

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I’m glad to have helped! Can you think of your first YA book that you really loved?

      • The very first? Oh dang I’ll have to think about it lol I think HP is childrens and not YA but I’m not sure? and then Koontz does adult just because of the violence so maybe. . .hmm. . .I actually think it was Twilight lol everything else I found after that, the vampire diaries, the house of night books, hush hush, the mortal instruments, the maximum ride series, boy toy, dear john. . .holy crap I’m just gonna stop there lol cuz I just remembered like 10 more XD

  3. Honestly, I don’t think it was Harry Potter that started it, for me at least. I read the first and second book and never finished a single one of the other books. I think it was partially Twilight (pushed on me by Ellie), and your class that started me into reading. Your class had me reading different types of books, other than what my mom was reading that is. Besides the Twilight books I think that Unwind and The Host were what caught my attention the most.

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