So Many Books

I was never really into reading all that much. It just never interested me, maybe it was just because all the books I tried to read weren’t interesting.  After I took my Y.A. Lit. class, I actually started to like reading. My favorites are The Host by Stephenie Meyer, and Unwind by Neil Shusterman. I just finished reading City of Ashes, and City of Bones by Cassandra Clare. I still need City of Glass, so if anyone doesn’t mind me borrowing it, that would be awesome! Another book I need to borrow is Linger by Maggie Stiefvater, because I have already read Shiver, and I need to finish the series. 🙂 Also, I have heard that the Hunger Games series is really good. I honestly am pretty shocked with myself at how many books I have been reading lately. What else is a good book to read? I mean, I know there are tons of them out there but what has stuck out to you? Also, do you have those two books for me to borrow? 😀


  1. I’m glad you like reading now lol and you know you are welcome to read anything you find in my room but I don’t have City of glass or Linger yet. I did buy Shiver though so that should be good

  2. Mrs. Andersen says:

    If you can’t find City of Glass, I’ll let you borrow it, but I need it back by the end of August 🙂 I have a copy at home b/c I was hoping Keith would read the series (he hasn’t). I can meet up with you somewhere if you want.

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