It’s August already??

How is it already August?  I feel like we only just got out of school.  Well, wait, I did only have two weeks off before I started my summer grad class.  Ah, yes, that’s where my summer went; it slipped away as I went to RDG 575 Mon-Thurs from July 6-29.  Oh well, I have it out of the way now 🙂 

On the bright side, August brings us some exciting new books!  Only 23 days from now Mockingjay (the third installment of The Hunger Games) will be released.  Team Peeta all the way!  Also, 30 days from now Cassandra Clare’s prequel to the Mortal Instruments series will be released; it’s called Clockwork Angel and I know it will be spectacular!!  Is there anything else exciting that August brings?  My birthday!  It’s on August 28th, so feel free to send wonderful gifts my way 😉

If any of you want/need an excuse to write every day, our favorite author Laurie Halse Anderson is starting her August writing project today.  Check out the link under “Blogroll” to her LiveJournal (labeled as LHA- Mad Woman in the Forest) so you can participate with her.  She offered great writing tips and prompts last year.


  1. I think you throw too many books at me. 🙂 I am about halfway through City of Glass, then I will finish my list that I have on my blog and then I will get to Clockwork Angel. 🙂 I can’t read half of one book and start another though, I can only read one at a time.

  2. Mrs. Andersen says:

    I hate only reading half of a book. I should probably make a list of half-read/to be read books. I think it’s some kind of reading A.D.D…

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