Mistwood by Leah Cypess


Leah Cypess Mistwood
          304 pp.  Greenwillow Books.  2010  ISBN:978-0-06-195699-7  $16.99

Isabel is a shifter, a mystical creature meant to loyally serve the kings of Samorna when they call upon her.  Isabel, unfortunately, can’t remember anything about who she is or the powers she has.  Prince Rokan, the soon to be king of Samorna, has come looking for Isabel because he needs the Shifter to protect him.  He needs her strength and supernatural abilities to shift into a wolf or even the mist.  Prince Rokan can only he that she doesn’t regain her memories because if she does, Isabel will be his biggest threat.  Isabel knows that he’s lying, but their bond forces her to remain loyal and continue protecting him.  As startling truths are uncovered Isabel will be faced with difficult decisions that will threaten the relationship she has with her prince.

I put Mistwood on my 2010 Debut Author Challenge list and I’m happy that I did; I always enjoy a good paranormal fantasy 🙂  Leah Cypess has a beautiful way of writing and a wonderful ability to develop characters.  I love how complex Isabel is written.  She’s insecure in her ability as a shifter, but she’s capable of instilling fear in those that may cause Prince Rokan harm.  Isabel is trying to learn about herself as she also tries to determine why the prince is lying to her.  Her search for answers leads to multiple challenges.  Cypess has the story written so that we’re just as unsure as Isabel.  There isn’t a simple answer to be found; as soon as one truth is uncovered, another question develops.  Leah Cypess has  written Mistwood as a compelling and intriguing novel with a great twist towards the end.

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