Book Club?!

A couple of you have requested that I start a book club (for graduates in particular).  I absolutely LOVE this idea, but I need to know who’s interested.  I want to put together a Facebook page for it so we can keep in touch that way.  I’d include a link to this blog so we can keep discussions on here, as well as in person.  I was given the idea of maybe even meeting somewhere like Tropical Smoothie from time to time.  What do you guys think? 

Of course, I’ve already come up with tons of ideas, like possible reading themes, challenges, etc.  We could make it a sort of extension of Y.A. Lit (maybe a pseudo Y.A. 2?!).  Through possible blog discussions those of you going away to school can still keep in contact 🙂 

Please give me some feedback! 

Some of you might even be able to continue borrowing my books! 😀

Current students should participate as well!!


  1. Count me in! I love the idea of a book club

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Awesome! Yay!! Emily Birmingham and Chelsi Green have been talking to me about it today. I think they might be working on creating a FB page 🙂 I’ll let you know as I get more info.

  2. I’m totally in!! That sounds awesome to me 😀

  3. sounds awesome!!! I’m definitely interested!

  4. Me gusta!
    I’m game! Let’s have this book club!

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Yes! Did you join the FB page I created? We need to decide if and where/when we could meet up to talk books 🙂

      • I have not joined the FB page…yet. Well, you mentioned Tropical Smoothie for the meeting place. That’s a pretty cool idea. The Coney Island in Clio is an awesome place too. Maybe the park, but people might be more easily distracted?
        Maybe Clio Library would be willing to open its doors to us? Kind of like we come there to congregate for YA and we also provide them business. 🙂

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          I like the idea of Coney Island and the library. Paige came up with the idea of possibly going to Barnes and Noble or something too. Great ideas all around 🙂

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