“Looping” Classes

I’m sorry I’ve been slacking this week with book review updates.  The past couple days I’ve been at school working on curriculum.  I bet all of you are jealous because I had the pleasure of going into work during my summer break 😉  Although I have to admit that I’m excited about the changes made to the English 9 curriculum yesterday.  Today I worked on the “looping” sections (classes for ninth graders that failed sections of Eng.9).  There wasn’t much to change for the 1st tri repeats, but we made quite a few changes to tri 2 and 3 repeats.  Instead of reading The Odyssey a second (or *gasp* third) time, we’re going to read Make Lemonade by Viriginia Euwer Wolff.  It’s written in verse and the topic is relatable.  I’m super excited for tri 3 repeats.  Can you guess what I included in the curriculum?!


I included The Hunger Games and Unwind!!  Isn’t that soooo exciting!  Most of the students that have to repeat sections of English 9 are reluctant reading boys.  I’m pretty sure those two books will hold a boy’s interest 🙂 Plus, I’ve been successful with “non reading” boys when I handed them either of those.  Mr. Smith still needs to approve the purchase of everything, and it may not be feasable to buy them.  I’m hoping the school can manage it, especially since we want all of our students to succeed.

Anyway, I’m just about done with Before I Fall.  It’s driving me crazy that I haven’t finished reading it yet!  Once I finally do, I’ll write the review and try to decide what to read next.


  1. That’s ALMOST a bad idea lol people might WANT to fail just because the class would be different the second (or third) time around, cuz from where I stand it actually sounds like fun lol

  2. Mrs. Andersen says:

    Yeah I thought about that possibility, but I don’t think kids would do that. At least I hope they wouldn’t!

  3. I’d rather take your class 3 times than take something like, ya know, math lol yuck

  4. Im with Ellie, I’d take your class a ton more times than Math, Although I think it is a good idea to include those books

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