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What’s your favorite Y.A. novel?

Earlier I posted my top 10 favorite young adult novels, and believe me, it was no easy task.  I’m never good at choosing a favorite anything, actually.  But if I really had to choose my favorite, I think I’d pick Speak.  I said it in my top 10 post, but this novel (besides my Y.A. class in college) is the reason I fell in love with this type of literature.  Melinda is so sarcastic, honest, and tough- even though she’d never admit it.  Plus, Laurie Halse Anderson is a writing genious!  I love her writing style. 

I bring this up because I’d love to discuss this with our book club (or anyone else reading!).  What is your favorite Y.A. novel and why?  Is it similar to any other novels you’ve read?  Has it had an influence on  your life?  Share your thoughts and feelings, and comment on what others are saying. 

Let’s try to start this tomorrow night (8/22) so everyone has advanced notice.  Feel free to comment before that of course, especially if you won’t be available.


  1. Hunger Games. Hands down!

  2. Tristan Bishop says:

    I agree. The Hunger Games is amazing. But i also love the book The Sky is Everywhere.

  3. Mrs. Andersen says:

    Anybody else have some favorite YA novels? We’d love to know 🙂

  4. I love The Hunger Games, but I think my favorite is a tie between The Mortal Insturments series and The Host. I’m not really sure what it is about them that makes them my favorite.

    P.S. Your new layout is cute!

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I still need to read The Host; it’s just sitting on my shelf at home. I hope The Clockwork Angel lands on my faves list after I buy it on the 31st 🙂

      And thanks about my layout. I wasn’t sure about it.

    • The Host was an excellant book. I was so surprised I liked it since it was way more sci-fi then what I usually read.

      • Mrs. Andersen says:

        I read about a 1/4 of it, but stopped b/c then we moved into out house and it was packed away. I haven’t picked it back up b/c it was a litle slow. Did you think it was like that at all?

        • I definitely thought it had a slow beginning and that is the argument I have with everyone I try to get and read it. Once you get through the whole thing though, you will be happy you made it through it. The last half of the book is so good that it makes up for the crappy first half.

  5. I hate when I’m asked questions like this, it’s so hard to choose! >.<
    I read so much and I love a lotttt of books. I'm going to take a different turn on this question and name two books that aren't well-known but are definitely in my top favs; Making the Run by Heather Henson and Both Sides of Time by Caroline B. Cooney. There's a lot of reasons I'm choosing these two to talk about. As I stated before, they're not well-known books, so I'm hoping that by talking about them that anyone that reads this will be interested in reading them.
    Anyways, I acquired Making the Run in my freshman or junior year in High School. My really good friend lent it to me and I instantly fell in love with the book right away. It's about a girl named Lu (Lucinda)who is struggling through her last few weeks in high school. She desperately wants out of Rainey, Kentucky; to get away from her past and see what the world has to offer. Her father isn't really there for her and her mother died when she was younger, so Lu is the cliche rebellious teenager that turns to drugs and alcohol and sex. She finds an old camera and becomes passionate about photography, and in my opinion she used it as a way to escape. She isn't the oh-I-think-I'm-plain-but-am-actually-really-pretty-and-perfect-and-even-though-my-life-seems-so-horrible-it's-really-not-and-I-always-get-the-guy-I-want stereotype that seems to be invading a lot of the young adult literature these days (And even though they're both one of my favorite series, Twilight and House of Night are like that). The book is basically about Lu finding herself and finding out what she wants to do with her life. There's a lot of things almost anyone can relate to into the book, which is why it's one of my favorites.
    As for Both Sides of Time, I read this book a long time ago, when I was probably 10! 😮
    My Aunt is really big on reading as well, and she used to give me all her old books she didn't want anymore.
    I just looked it up because I forgot the name of it, and it's actually apparently first in a 4-part time travel series.
    It's about a 15 year old girl named Annie Lockwood whom is a hopeless romantic. It starts off with her watching her boyfriend, Sean, work on his car and she questions if she really feels this is the right relationship for her. Later, she explores a rundown mansion and while she's looking around, she's suddenly wrenched 100 years into the past. In this time, the house is inhabited by a wealthy family and eventually Annie falls in love with one of the young men who live in the mansion, Strat. As the book progresses, Annie goes back and forth between her time and the past. Murders start to happen in the house and Annie finds herself uncovering secrets about what is really going on. The book is filled with humor, love, and where there's love there's heartache. Annie eventually finds herself having to choose between Sean and Strat, her time or the past?
    I think a big part of why I love this book is because it's so unique and original. It's different than any other book I've read and again, there's a lot of things one could relate to when it comes to the feelings of the characters and the hardships and decisions they have to make.
    Well, that's pretty much it(:
    Sorry it was so long D:

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I love your comment! I now have two books added to my TBR list 🙂 I think Making the Run sounds really good. The photography part reminds of Hold Still by Nina LaCour. I’ve read a couple books by Caroline B. Cooney; she’s fun to read.

      Paige, I think you need to start blogging!

  6. Haha yay(:
    Actually, I have a reallyyyy hard time sleeping because my mind is constantly going so when I lay in bed all I do is think nonstop and last night I was thinking about making a ‘serious’ blog. (I say serious because I have a tumblr but that’s just for funsie things like sharing quotes and pictures you like really)
    I was actually planning on asking you if this website was for like, literature blogging or just anything and everything blogging
    Because my blog would just consist of my deeply thought out opinions x] (books, theories, real life situations, etc)

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      People use WordPress blogs for all of the above. If you want to work on writing specifically, you could try Goodreads; they have a writing section along with a way to list and review books. But, their review section links to WordPress if you have a WordPress blog 🙂

      • Alrighty(:
        I think I’ll make a wordpress then after I brainstorm my first topic to blog about :b

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          Awesome! Let me know 🙂 Caroline, Joe Pazz, Ellie Ratza, Katelyn Torrey and Kati Shumaker have all started WordPress blogs this summer!

  7. Oops! And I meant freshman or SOPHOMORE year, not junior >.<

  8. My favorite book would definitely have to be The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (and no, it’s not just because she is my favorite author) the reason I love this book so much is hard to explain. The best way to explain it to be 1) It was really easy for me to relate to the main character. Her personality reminds me a lot of my own. I am a tad bit more carefree than her though. 2) The storyline does contain a love story. I will admit that I am a sucker for those. It is different than most love stories though. It isn’t the main part of the book and it isn’t too over the top. The story mostly is about the main characters struggles of getting over the loss of her father. 3)This is the not the first YA novel but it is definitely the one that got me hooked. After reading this I read the rest of the Sarah Dessen books and then branched out from there.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I love The Truth About Forever, and I love it for all those reasons. Honestly, I think this one, Someone Like You and This Lullaby are all tied as my favorite Sarah Dessen novels. But then again, Along for the Ride is super great too. Hmmm…

      • It is hard for me to choose which ones I like the most because honestly all of her books can be liked for those same reasons. I guess The Truth About Forever will always be my favorite because it was the first one by her that I read but the others ones all tie for second. Just Listen and This Lullaby would probably have to be my next choices though.

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          Sarah Dessen’s one of those special authors. I’m guessing whenever someone reads one of her books for the first time, it’s always their favorite by her.

  9. Zach "Super Hott and Sexy" Hatfield says:

    HAnds down is Beatiful Creatures. Say what you want but it seriously deserves recognition as an amazing book. I am literally counting down the days to the next book! Boy Toy is deffinately a close second though! Both just have amazing plots and are completely opposite of one another.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I’m glad you mentioned those books, Zach 🙂 Beautiful Creatures is one of my favorite paranormal fantasies, and I’m really excited for the sequel Beautiful Darkness too!

  10. Tristan Bishop says:

    The Hunger Games is one of my favorites because of how exciting it is. And it’s also a little frightening to think about that happening. And The Sky is Everywhere is one of my favorites because i cried the whole book and i love emotional books.

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