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Have you ever finished a book and thought “I want to know what happens later”?  It happens to many of us and some authors eventually write sequels to those books that leave us wanting more.  Gayle Forman is continuing If I Stay with Where She Went and Ellen Hopkins is writing a sequel to Burned.  Both of those books are great as stand alones, but I’m sure the stories will become even better with sequels. 

What book have you read that left you wishing for a sequel?  What would you hope for in the second book?  Go ahead and put some thought into this and let us know what you think.  Who knows, maybe one day the second book will be published!

I’m posting this today since we’re heading into Labor Day weekend and I don’t know who will be available tomorrow.  Post your comment early if needed, otherwise let’s start this tomorrow (Thursday).


  1. Man, I can’t believe no one has left a comment (which kind of sucks, because I was just going to go off of what they were saying). Anyways, this topic is just so hard for me. For the most part all of my favorite books are already part of a series. It would be awesome if the series just went on and on though.
    Another issue I am having with this is that all the other non-series books that I love have a stupid epilogue. Those just make me mad! I just think of them as an author’s easy way out of creating a second book. I think Perfect Chemistry would have had a great second book if it weren’t for the stupid epilogue. The only good thing about that book is that there is a semi-sequel that is about a minor character in Perfect Chemistry. I also love the book Tuck Everlasting. I know it is a little kid’s book, but I think it would have been great with a second book. A book called Maine Squeeze would be a great competitor for a second book. For the first time I can honestly say that Sarah Dessen doesn’t make my list with these because she makes so many references to different books in her stories.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      That’s true about Sarah Dessen’s books. Many of them connect with the other, however I’d like to know more about Along for the Ride and Dreamland 🙂

  2. I’m late but because of dumb car issues. I want Unwind to have a sequel really bad. Oh and I want The Host to have a sequel. Im not really sure what I would hope for in either book but I would be totally stoked if they had sequels. 🙂

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I completely agree about Unwind! I would love to read a sequel, even if it was from just one of the character’s perspectives.

  3. I definitely think that there should be a sequel to Boy Toy, the way it ends leave you expecting a sequel, and there isn’t one, it would be interesting to see how his life continues after the way it is left, I like that it makes you think about what could happen next, but I want to know what does happen later on.

  4. I totally agree with Boy Toy, and The Host. Other than that I can’t think of any that don’t already have a sequel. . .but if I do I will definitely come back to list it lol

  5. I am not sure.
    The books I have read lately are Mockingjay and it is the third book in the series.
    I also read When It Happens, but I didn’t particularly care for it. I could barely get through it and a sequel would not make it any better.
    Maybe Looking For Alaska, but everything in that book is pretty much tied together…make sense?
    Some book series I wish would go on longer (The Hunger Games) and then some I just wish would stop while the going is good (Eragon, good, Eldest, great, Brsingr, I haven’t even finished it).
    That’s what I got.

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