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This book club topic is all about characters!  If you could hang out with a character, or what the heck, have a whole party with characters, which would you choose?  Or maybe it’s too hard to choose favorite characters that way; can you categorize your favorite characters according to genre (paranormal fantasy, realistic, etc)?  Or there’s the classic “Who’s your favorite character and why?”  Go with whatever suits you and leave a comment to join the discussion please 😀

For me, I have to narrow my favorite characters into weird catergories, so here it goes…

If I was taking an art or photography class, I’d definitely want to hang out with Caitlin from Hold Still by Nina Lacour.  She’s incredibly talented and creative, even when she’s trying on purpose to fail.  So in the art category of favorite characters, Caitlin’s it.

If I ever put on my own musical, I’ll be calling on Tiny Cooper from Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green and David Levithan.  He’s absolutely fabulous and I’m sure he could brighten anyone’s day!

In the world of paranormal fantasies, my BFFs would be Sophie from Hex Hall by Rachel Hawkins and Evie from Paranormalcy.  They are both hilarious, witty and just all-around cool female characters. 

BTW- Some of my former students and I met up at Borders for a real-life book club meeting.  We decided to buy and read It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini.  We’re hopefully going to meet up again (more are welcome!!) and talk about what we’ve read by that point.  If we can’t meet up, I’m sure we’ll blog about it here 🙂  Feel free to get a copy and join the discussion!


  1. Hmmm I’d have to say it would be fun to hang with the whole mortal instruments gang, and just about any of Dean Koontz’s protagonists cuz all of them have that funny/sarcastic/smart ass thing going on that I love in those books…plus Simon is a nerd so I know we’d get along lol and Ronnie from The Last Song, cuz she seems pretty cool….and I had a few more but I lost them lol

  2. As I said at the book club meeting yesterday, my favorite character would have to be Amy Haskel from the Secret Society Girl series. She is funny, smart, sarcastic, and has absolutely no idea what she really wants. She is constantly making mistakes that lead to really awkward and funny events. In the four books Amy never loses her sarcasm and clever come backs. To add to that I still think she is and exact mix of me and Kati. If you took our personalities and combined them, you would end up with Amy.

  3. Hmmmm….. favorite character………..hmmmmm. Oh I got it! Katniss Everdeen!!! From the Hunger Games Series! I think she is my favorite because she reminds me of me in the sense that I never see anything coming, and would protect my sister at all costs.

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