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Anna of Anna Reads wrote a great post about being an adult and loving young adult lit.  I’m still young-ish (26… le sigh), so I don’t feel odd reading YA, but I know I won’t stop reading YA when I’m 36 or even 46.  Why do you ask?  It’s not because I loved my high school years and wish to go back.  Ugh, certainly not.  I don’t miss constantly wondering if he’s going to Subway with me because he actually likes me.  I don’t miss snobby girls whispering and gossiping about me or others.  I couldn’t wait to graduate and go to college, where I made some great friends and memories and met my husband.  But really, why do I read YA lit?

My biggest reason for reading and loving YA lit is because I’m a high school English teacher.  I remember the awkward moments, the mind-numbing chemistry classes, and crying to my mom about drama and boys.  Teenagers haven’t changed, so they need these books.  I wish I would have had them when I was in school.  Books in this genre allow teens to know they aren’t alone in the world, there are others like them.  Most YA novels have lessons to learn and allow teens to experience things from a safe distance. 

I wish more adults would read YA lit.  I wish even more that more teachers would take YA lit seriously.  I mean, we’re talking about YOUNG ADULT LITERATURE.  Young.  Adult.  Aren’t there young adults in high school?  Hmm… I believe there are.  So it would make sense to have these young adults read books about other young adults while they’re in high school.  There are brilliant novels written by eloquent authors in this genre.  Nothing against the classics- I enjoy many of them.  But it’s no secret that most teens find them out-dated and boring.  In my YA Lit class, I never have to ask my students to read.  They ask ME if they can read.  YA lit is engaging and current.  Even better?  The authors are alive and want to make contact with their readers.  Hopefully more teachers will come around in the near future. 

So, adults, why do you read YA?


  1. So glad to have you weighing in! It’s nice to hear a teacher’s perspective. I think it all boils down to what you said here: “Books in this genre allow teens to know they aren’t alone in the world” … well put!

  2. I read Y.A. Lit because your love for reading is rather addicting, and I absolutly loved your class! I find that reading these books, even though they are not really considered educational have definitally broadened my vocabulary. I also find that they give me a momentary escape from the real world.

  3. I hated reading in high school. In fact, I hated reading in college. It wasn’t until I was out of school and in the workforce that I began to truly appreciate literature. And I think you’ve described directly why it’s that way for so many in our younger generations, still. However, as you’ve stated, these current works let these young adults know that others are aware of the issues they’re facing. I read and promote YA because no one did when I was that age…I wish they had…but literature was different then. We have the chance, now, to keep this fire burning in these young adults. It’s very promising! Thanks for this post!

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I wish my teachers would have pointed me towards YA (it was really getting started when I was in high school). But I honestly don’t remember my teachers EVER recommending any books to read outside of the required reading. My biggest thrill is when a student tells me he’s reading a book by choice for the first time 🙂

  4. I am a mother of two teenagers. I like to read what they are reading. It’s easier to discuss books with them, if I know what they are reading and interested in reading. I also like that USUALLY they are cleaner than adult lit, but still enjoyable.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I love it when my kids tell me their parents are reading with them 🙂 A few of my students have hooked their parents on The Hunger Games trilogy.

  5. Since I am now an “adult,” I feel that I can actually reply to this post! I enjoy reading Y.A. Lit for many of the same reasons listed already. It’s easy to connect to many stories and characters in a book, for a small part of each day I can get sucked into a completely different world just by reading, and believe it or not, a lot of Y.A. lit books have taught me so much about the kind of adult I want to be. After reading each book I feel that I can take a little piece of each character; for instance, try and portray the confidence of a character in one book by also learning to be selfless like a character in another book. By reading a different variety of Young Adult books I have learned so many important life lessons through the eyes of many inspiring characters.


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