Book Trailer… Wednesday?!

So there’s a couple things wrong with this post.  First, I’m posting on a Wednesday instead of  Thursday.  This is happening because tomorrow I’m posting my Students Want to Know interview with Maurissa Guibord 😀  Second, I’m posting this on a Wednesday after 8pm!  Oh well.

My friend, Paul W. Hankins, just posted this A-MAZING book trailer on Facebook.  I knew I had to post this right away because I absolutely love the trailer and I absolutely must read this graphic novel.  This is Page by Paige, a debut graphic novel by Laura Lee Gulledge that releases in May.

So, what do you think?!


  1. This looks fantastic! After a day discussing top YA books of the decade, I’m kind of geeked for stuff like what this one seems to be. The image at 0:28, and the one at 1:14 sold it for me. All literary elements aside, those pictures alone did it for me.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      Did you go to the BER (right letters?) conference? I went to that last year and loved it.

      I know what you mean about the images! I’m so impressed by what little we get to see in this trailer. I’m trying to include more graphic novels in my classroom, so I’m definitely excited about this one 🙂

      • That’s the one! Jonathan Hunt (contributes a lot for SLJ) was the presenter, and it was pretty fantastic 🙂 He really inspired me to try to do some more with graphic novels, and I think this would be a good start (and looks like it’d be good for middle school and high school).

        • Mrs. Andersen says:

          Yep, Jonathan led ours too (I went with our then-media specialist). I learned some cool activities like the tea party 🙂

          I can’t always find graphic novels at Borders and B&N so I’ve ordered a few online. I have The Arrival (Shaun Tan), Refresh Refresh (Benjamin Percy), The Odyssey (Gareth Hinds), Foiled (Jane Yolen), Stiches (David Small), Hereville: How Mirka Got Her Sword (Barry Deutsch) and American Born Chinese (Gene Luen Yang) in my classroom library right now.

          • I’m doing a tea party tomorrow for the end of a book I hope my students finished today. Thank you, Jonathan!

            Do you have a seller you like (or is often the most reliable/cheapest), or is it just more shopping around? I was about to type that my classroom is going to be very different — in a good way — next year. . .then I realized that I still have almost an entire semester ahead of me. Time to make positive changes now!

            • Mrs. Andersen says:

              I mostly search around. Or if I have a coupon for Borders, then I’ll order my books from there. I’ve also used when I can find used books that I want/need. They don’t charge for shipping, but it does take longer for the books to arrive. I don’t know what their graphic novel selection is like; they don’t always have the best stock. I know you can find a lot using Indiebound and I’ve heard of, but I haven’t used it yet either.

              You’re right–You do have time! 🙂 I have a serious book-buying problem. This summer, though, I want to buy/read more LBGT books and continue with graphic novels (plus every other book I might want to read lol).

  2. LOVE this trailer. The images say so much. Thanks for sharing…and what a great title. Looks like my kind of book.


  1. […] Page by Paige is my favorite.  Paul W. Hankins introduced me to this graphic novel when we posted the book trailer on Facebook; I wanted to read it immediately.  The images are compelling and draw the reader in to […]

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