Student Book Reviews (1)

Here are a few of the book reviews my students in Young Adult Lit have written this trimester 🙂  **I was given permission by the students to post these on my blog**

What My Mother Doesn’t Know by Sonya Sones (Written by Maegan)

This simple story is easy for teens to relate to. Sophie, a fifteen year old girl, tells the story of her life. She talks about her friends Rachel and Grace and her first love Dylan. She thinks Dylan is the boy of her dreams until things begin to get boring and he doesn’t tell his parents she is Jewish. When she realizes Dylan is no longer the boy of her dreams she begins talking to a boy online. The boy online turns out to be a dork that goes to her school, Murphy. She finds it harder to fall in love with Murphy than Dylan especially with her friends always making fun of him.

This book was really easy and fast to read. It seemed relatable to teens. It didn’t have too much detail that was unnecessary like a lot of books do. I enjoyed reading this book and liked the way it was written in verse. It was easier to read and made it seem like I was reading it faster.

Impulse by Ellen Hopkins (Written by Tristan)

Three kids.

One cuts.

One overdosed.

One pulled the trigger.

All are still living, and now find themselves at a place called Aspen Springs. Aspen Springs is a psychiatric hospital for teenagers where Vanessa, Conner and Tony are staying after trying to commit suicide.

Vanessa cuts to fight off the demons of her past. While at Aspen Springs she meets new people, learns there is such thing as love, and that there are people that care about her.

Tony is a homosexual, scarred by the men coming in and out of his house as a child. After being around his new friends Tony discovers things about himself he never thought he would.

Conner is living the life every guy dreams of. He’s a star athlete, rich and can get any girl he wants. So why is he still not happy? After an attempt and fail to finally get rid of all his sadness, will he find the happiness he seeks in Aspen Springs?

Like all her other books, Hopkins amazes us again with a tragic story, beautifully written in verse. Switching through the perspectives of all three kids, you get to feel exactly what they’re going through. This book takes you through the everyday lives of these three teenagers while they attempt to heal themselves. They’re looking for love and happiness at Aspen Springs with each other and their broken families. Recommended and relatable for every high school student, Impulse is sure to satisfy.

Twenty Boy Summer by Sarah Ockler (Written by Hannah)

Love, hate, sad, happy, crying, laughing.  Anna lives next door to her best friend Frankie and her brother Matt.  After a lifetime of secretly being in love with her best friend’s brother, Matt kisses Anna on her fifteenth birthday. They hide their relationship from their families for a month and then the night before Frankie and Matt’s annual family trip to Zanzibar, California, Matt dies.  Anna and Frankie don’t know how to talk to each other, Frankie’s mom is falling apart, Anna doesn’t know how to or if she should tell Frankie about her secret relationship with Matt.  The next summer Anna goes to Zanzibar with Frankie’s family.  They make a pact to have a “twenty boy summer,” see how many guys they can get.  Anna agrees only because she knows it would make Frankie happy. 

The emotions that I felt from this book made me feel as if I was a part of it all.  For me it was a big tear jerker, it made me cry many times, but also made me smile.  Ockler did an amazing job at painting a visual for me.  Many of the things that these friends faced together were very relatable, and unpredictable, like every good Y.A. book should have.  It was definitely hard to put down, it kept me on my toes and interested from the very beginning. 



  1. These reviews sure make me miss your class! Maegan, Tristan, and Hannah all did a great job with the reivews! They were short, sweet, and to the point yet they are written well enough that I still want to read the books!

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