Book Trailer Thursday (14)

I received an ARC of Wither by Lauren DeStefano a couple months ago and really enjoyed it.  I’ve since then added it to my classroom library; the girls love it!  I’m sure more girls will be interested after watching this trailer.



  1. Love Book Trailer Thursday! This is one book I might not have picked up, but the trailer makes me want to read it. Thanks!

  2. Wow. I agree with Mardie. That is a great trailer. Thanks for sharing!

    Where do you find your trailers, by the way? I had to search for a while to find the City of Fallen Angels trailer (which my students enjoyed watching). Is there a good resource for these somewhere?

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      I search on YouTube mostly. And a lot of authors will link them on Twitter when the trailer launches. I think I just Googled this one & found it on the publisher’s site (I can’t remember how I found it). YouTube is a good source, but there are mostly fan-made trailers.

      • Hmm. All right, thanks! Something should be done about that, though.

        I nominate you. I’m sure you don’t have anything else to be added to your plate 😛

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