Top Books Read in September

This school year I’m doing something different with my book check-out system.  I’m still using a binder, but now I have it separated by class period; it seems to be a much better system because the kids can find everything easier as they check in and check out books.  Because I’m doing this now, I decided to break up these posts according to grade or class.  Right now I have a few classes of freshmen and one YA Lit class, so I have two different sets.  If I’m really ambitious, maybe I’ll start breaking it down according to guys/girls.  I hope you like the change 🙂

I’m starting with the most popular books borrowed and read by my freshmen.  This group of freshmen has really become excited about reading, but it took a few vocal kids and some booktalks and book trailers to get them more excited about reading.  Many of them were honest at the beginning of the year and told me they really dislike reading.

Top Book Borrowed & Read in September (3 students):

My freshmen have read over 30 different books.  Not that many of these titles have been read more than once, so instead of trying to break it down, I’m including a variety of the titles they’ve been reading and enjoying.

Various Popular Books Among My Freshmen:

The following books are the most popular among my YA Lit students.  In the month of September, they borrowed and read 54 different titles.

Top Books Borrowed & Read in September (3 students each):

Borrowed 2 Times:

Various Popular Books Among My YA Lit Students:


  1. Love this Sarah. It is so nice for authors to see stuff like this — kids borrowing and reading their books. Influenced by such wonderful teachers.

    Thanks, as always, for your terrific blog!

  2. (I don’t always comment, but I always read! ;))

  3. Some great books & some I haven’t seen. My kids like Gym Candy also.

    Mine are digging the the Warrior Heir by Chima series, The Forest of Hands & Teeth series & The House of Night by P.C. Cast.

    • Mrs. Andersen says:

      None of my students have borrowed any of the Warrior Heir books this year, but a few are getting into The Forest of Hands & Teeth. I’m surprised more students haven’t been reading The House of Night b/c that’s usually a favorite.

  4. Love it when you post these lists — always interesting to see. And warms my heart to know you’re building lifelong readers by shelving current books they love to read (and not just the accepted classics.) Thx!

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