Book Trailer Thursday (77)–Intentions by Deborah Heiligman

I haven’t heard much about Intentions, but it just released this week so I decided to feature it today.  Have any of you read it yet?  I’d love to know what you think!  Laurie Halse Anderson is one of my all-time favorite authors, so whenever she blurbs a book I want to read it (her blurb is featured in the trailer).

Here’s a little background about the author that was provided for me: Deborah Heiligman’s last book, Charles and Emma: The Darwins’ Leap of Faith, was a Printz Honor book and a finalist for the National Book Award. Here’s what Booklist said about Intentions in a starred review:

“The fastmoving, powerful narrative in Rachel’s present-tense voice will easily draw teens, not only with its dark drama, but also with the spot-on teen banter and wry viewpoint.”

Summary (From Goodreads): Rachel thought she was grown up enough to accept that no one is perfect. Her parents argue, her grandmother has been acting strangely, and her best friend doesn’t want to talk to her. But none of that could have prepared her for what she overheard in her synagogue’s sanctuary.

Now Rachel’s trust in the people she loves is shattered, and her newfound cynicism leads to reckless rebellion. Her friends and family hardly recognize her, and worse, she can hardly recognize herself. But how can the adults in her life lecture her about acting with kavanah, intention, when they are constantly making such horribly wrong decisions themselves? This is a witty, honest account of navigating the daunting line between losing innocence and entering adulthood—all while figuring out who you really want to be.






  1. Thank you for featuring INTENTIONS!

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