Book Trailer Thursday (98)–Picture Books

Since getting my Reading Specialist degree, I’ve developed a new fondness for picture books.  Since I work with high school students it makes sense for me to focus on YA, but I like to find ways to use picture books in my classroom.  Thanks to Pinterest I found some picture book trailers to share today 🙂  I’m sure my students will like these book trailers since they enjoy reading picture books when I bring them to class.

Creepy Carrots!Creepy Carrots! Summary (From Goodreads): The Twilight Zone comes to the carrot patch in this clever picture book parable about a rabbit who fears his favorite treats are out to get him. Jasper Rabbit loves carrots—especially Crackenhopper Field carrots.

He eats them on the way to school.

He eats them going to Little League.

He eats them walking home.

Until the day the carrots start following him…or are they?

Celebrated artist Peter Brown’s stylish illustrations pair perfectly with Aaron Reynold’s text in this hilarious eBook with audio that shows it’s all fun and games…until you get too greedy.

The Creepy Carrots Zone from Peter Brown on Vimeo.

This is Not My HatThis is Not My Hat Summary (From Goodreads): When a tiny fish shoots into view wearing a round blue topper (which happens to fit him perfectly), trouble could be following close behind. So it’s a good thing that enormous fish won’t wake up. And even if he does, it’s not like he’ll ever know what happened…
Visual humor swims to the fore as the best-selling Jon Klassen follows his breakout debut with another deadpan-funny tale.

Boy + BotBoy + Bot Summary (From Goodreads): One day, a boy and a robot meet in the woods. They play. They have fun.

But when Bot gets switched off, Boy thinks he’s sick. The usual remedies—applesauce, reading a story—don’t help, so Boy tucks the sick Bot in, then falls asleep.

Bot is worried when he powers on and finds his friend powered off. He takes Boy home with him and tries all his remedies: oil, reading an instruction manual. Nothing revives the malfunctioning Boy! Can the Inventor help fix him?

Using the perfect blend of sweetness and humor, this story of an adorable duo will win the hearts of the very youngest readers.

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