Top Ten Tuesday: Words/Phrases That Make Me Not Pick Up a Book


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This might be a tough list to compile since I’m not usually thinking about what I don’t want to read when I’m picking out a book.  I’m always looking for things that make me want to read one.

1. Vampires–I’m over them.

2. Fairytale Retellings–I still try to give them a chance, but most often they don’t work for me.

3. Fairies–I can’t explain why, but I don’t like these stories. The writing can be amazing, but the stories don’t work for me.

4. “Exciting new trilogy/series”–Is anyone else getting tired of new trilogies and series? I’ll still pick them up, but I’m WAY more cautious to start a new one than I ever was before. Besides how expensive it is, it’s hard to keep up.

5. Steampunk–It doesn’t work for me.

6. “The new _______”–Nothing is the same as The Hunger Games, Twilight, Harry Potter, etc. and that’s OKAY.  I will look into these books because my students will finish one of the big trilogies or series and want something similar, but I don’t like how blurbs do that. It usually sets unrealistic expectations because while I’ve read plenty of great dystopians, none of them are The Hunger Games.  Although some have been better.

7. Insta-love–This almost never works and drives me crazy. Especially when characters get whiny.

8. Non-fiction–I hate saying this, but I don’t like non-fiction. I don’t completely write it off because plenty of my students love it, but it’s rare that I get excited about a non-fiction book.

9. Cancer books that were written to make me sob–Nope. They hit too close to home.  I’ll consider one when it’s not directly about the person dying from cancer, or if it’s more humorous and not a sob-fest, but otherwise I won’t even bother.  It took me a year to pick up The Fault in Our Stars. It was good and apparently I didn’t cry at the “right” part.  No one actually said that to me, but from what I’ve heard, the big “you’re going to cry” moment wasn’t the moment that made me cry.

10. Fiction written by celebrities–Really? Not going to happen.


  1. I love your list, Sarah. #1, 2, 3, 6, 7, and 10 especially. I can’t help but think of The Fault in Our Stars when I think of #9, and I loved that book, so I can’t agree with that one. Maybe the humour in it saved it for you, though. I do like some non-fiction, but certainly not as much as fiction. I am proud to say that I have not read ANY fiction written by celebs. 🙂

  2. I agree with much of your list. I used to love a good series, but am finding it hard to commit these days. I’ve just been attracted to an intriguing sounding contemporary the last few years. Or an apocalyptic/dystopian.

  3. I agree about all the trilogies and series that have been coming out. There are great ones coming out, but there are a lot to sift through. No book is ever going to be “the new…” and I don’t like that marketing technique either. It just sets up expectations and makes it easier to be disappointed. I didn’t put non-fiction on my list because I have been making an effort to read it this year, but it is definitely not my favorite thing to read and I do not get very excited over those books.

  4. I’m a librarian and an author myself. Your list made me smile. 🙂

  5. I agree with 7-10. As far as “the next ___” I just try to ignore that. And it seems like it’s getting harder and harder to find a book that is a stand-alone, so if I don’t read them, I’ll have to just watch more tv. 🙂 But it is harder to keep up with all of them. I wish I could wait to read those until all of them are written, but I can’t!

  6. I can’t believe people make you feel like you cried at a right/wrong time. Books are such a personal experience and every person is going to take something different away. Even when I read a book at different times in my life, it is always a different experience.

    I do agree with a lot of these though!

    Here’s my TTT!

    Jess @ Such A Novel Idea

  7. #2 – Fairytale retellings – I’m totally agree, here. They never work for me. They also just don’t perk me up like other genres/tropes/themes do.

    #4 – Blurb comparisons – Reading slush pile submissions makes this interesting, too. I’m sorry, but if you’re throwing out a big title like The Hunger Games, you have HUGE shoes to fill. I would rather someone not make the comparison and I’ll likely enjoy the book on its own merits.

    I have become such a contemporary YA romance girl that fairies, vampires, wolves, steampunk, magic, etc., etc., etc. is just not a sell. A big title (I picked up The Dream Thieves the SECOND it was available on Net Galley!) is an exception to the rule, but man if I don’t just love a contemp!

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