Book Trailer Thursday (138)–???

Book Trailer Thursday

You may have noticed that I haven’t had a Book Trailer Thursday post in a few weeks. I haven’t forgotten to post them, I promise. There simply haven’t been many book trailers created by publishers lately. Unless I’m missing them. There’s a Simon & Schuster book trailer I’d like to upload, but it’s currently only available on EW.  I don’t want to post fan-made trailers, although I know they’re sometimes decent. I’d also like to only feature trailers that are for books published by larger publishers since the books might be more easily purchased or borrowed that way.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Should I wait it out for a while? I know my students love watching book trailers so I’m disappointed not to have one for them this week. I’m keeping an eye out for them though.

While I’m on this topic, do any of you have a preference for the types of trailers I show? Are you looking for more middle grade? More picture book trailers? Older titles? I’d love to know!


  1. Katherine Hughes says:

    Oh Mrs. Andersen! I read your blog so often and especially look forward to your suggested Book Trailers! I teach Middle School literature and would LOVE to see more middle school book trailers (although many that you post are appropriate). Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge! Happy New Year! Katherine in Kansas

  2. Hi! Im a mom who reads your blog. I also post book trailers, and it seems the youtube search just isnt very helpful lately. What I have been doing is searching the googles for “OFFICIAL BOOK TRAILER” and then click on VIDEO then in the TOOLS dropthing set to say last 6 months or whatever. its really been working well for me! Good luck, and THANK YOU. We love your blog.

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