Great Lakes Great Books Award Reading

During last night’s #titletalk chat on Twitter, I started talking to Heather Jensen (@hmjensen31) about books she should read for the Great Lakes Great Books Award.  She serves on the committee, which is part of the Michigan Reading Association.  During our conversation I asked how I could get involved with the committee, so she passed my information on to her chairperson.  Today I was extended an invitation to join the committee!

I’m thrilled to join the Great Lakes Great Books Award committee.  I think I’ll be focusing mostly on YA reading, but I’d also like to read more MG to help with that area as well.  The committee likes to read a wide variety of books, so I need your recommendations.  I’m looking, primarily, for YA/MG books published in 2013.  We can also read titles published in 2012.  I’d love to find some non-fiction and poetry titles since that’s a weak area for me, but of course I want to read some great fiction titles as well.

I’ve put together a Google form for you to share titles with me.

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